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    Changing the Game: AS Roma Unveils Transformational Sustainability Strategy

    AS Roma affirms its position as a sustainability leader in sport with the release of its ambitious long-term Sustainability Strategy. Setting out a clear and actionable pathway for the club to build on its extensive CSR legacy, the strategy will support the club as it accelerates progress on sustainability for many years to come.

    As the official pilot club for UEFA’s Strength through Unity football sustainability strategy 2030, AS Roma is taking a leading position on defining best practice throughout European football with the creation of this strategy, acting as an exemplar for other clubs to follow. A central thread of its development has been the close and continued consultation with AS Roma fans. More than 27,000 Romanisti shared their views on how sustainability should be integrated into the Club’s plans, and these responses supported the formalisation of the Strategy’s three core pillars: the community, the environment, and the next generation. 

    AS Roma sustainability strategy: community
    AS Roma sustainability strategy: youth
    AS Roma sustainability strategy: environment

    Against each of these pillars, a series of ambitious SMART targets have been defined to ensure maximal impact in the areas that matter most to the club and its stakeholders. In the interest of full transparency, a complete list of these targets and their associated deadlines are listed in the appendix of the Sustainability Strategy. The Club is also undertaking a carbon footprint assessment to ensure evidence-based decision making.

    The strategy was developed in close consultation with football stakeholders, including fans, UEFA, FIGC, Serie A, ECA, and UNFCCC with the aim to deliver measurable positive impact on community, next generation, and environment.