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  • AS Roma Cookie Policy

    The joint data controllers, collectively the “Companies” or the “A.S. Roma Entities”, this policy refers to, are:

    • AS Roma S.r.l., with registered offices in Rome, Italy, at P.le Dino Viola No. 1, - Tax Code and entry in the Register of Companies of Rome under No. 03294210582, VAT No. 01180281006;
    • Soccer S.r.l., with registered offices in Rome, Italy, at Via Emilia 47 - Tax Code, VAT Number and entry in the Register of Companies of Rome under No. 09305501000

    This Cookie Policy applies specifically to A.S. Roma Entities' processing of your personal data when you visit and use any A.S. Roma Entities’ website, social media profile and page, app or service which links to this Cookie Policy. We refer to these websites, apps, social media profiles and pages and services in this Cookie Policy, collectively the “A.S. Roma Platforms”.

    When you visit the AS Roma Platforms, information relating to the pages you look at may be saved in files that are called "cookies" or with similarly operating technologies, which are stored on the device that is being used to access the site. This page explains what these cookies are, their use and how your settings can be adjusted to manage these cookies.

    What are cookies?

    Cookies are text files that may be stored on the hard drive of your device, for example, computer, mobile phone, tablet or any other device that can access the internet) subject to your device settings, when you visit a website or click on an advertisement. Cookies are used to identify the device used to access the website or app, are saved on the device, and are operational for a limited period of time.

    The way we use cookies

    There are four different cookies that may be saved on your device while browsing AS Roma Platforms. The intended purpose of these cookie is described below.

    - Cookies that support functionality

    These cookies improve the website or app visitor’s experience and are often used to provide services that are required, such as watching a video, leaving a comment on a blog or interacting with third-party services such as social media. Storing your preferences allows the AS Roma Platforms to improve your experience by activating specific, more personalised functions.

    -  Cookies that measure audiences

    Audience-measuring cookies measure the number of people reading and using our various types of content. These are used to identify any potential functionality problems and thus improve the website or app’s usability. These cookies produce only anonymous statistics and do not provide information about individual visitors.

    - Cookies from social media and our partners

    The social media and partners' cookies on our site allow you to share content with other people or tell people what you think about the content on our site. We often use third-party applications to issue this type of cookie. The social network relating to each button may be able to identify you, even if you do not click on the button while visiting our site specifically if you are also active on that social site at the time you visit the A.S. Roma Platforms. You will need to read the privacy policies of those individual social networks to identify what the browsing is used for. Their privacy policies should inform you how you adjust the settings on your user account to conform to your wishes in respect of these cookies.

    - Cookies for advertising and targeted messaging

    These cookies collect information about you as you browse in order to ensure that any adverts that are served to you are as relevant to you as possible and as closely as possible reflect your interests. They will also minimise the number of times you are served the same advert and will measure the effectiveness of the adverts. They do this by remembering the websites you visit, the pages within the websites you visit, and then sharing this information with advertisers. These cookies will be placed by either by AS Roma Entities or by third parties including advertising networks. 

    The cookies we place are subject to our privacy policy and cookies policy. 

    You can read our privacy policy  here.

    You may opt out of receiving targeted advertisements from AS Roma Entities by visiting the NAI website opt-out page here: or the DAA opt-out page here: or, for EU users, the EDAA opt-out page here:

    Our use of tracking pixels

    In addition to the four categories of cookies described above, AS Roma Platforms also uses tracking pixels (also called 1x1 pixel or pixel tag), a graphic with dimensions of 1x1 pixels that are loaded when a user visits our website or opens one of our emails. 

    Whenever you visit AS Roma Platforms, the tracking pixel sends limited information to the pixel server, including your IP address. This information is meant for statistical purposes in relation to (i) the number of different users of AS Roma Platforms, (ii) the number and types of pages visited, as well as (iii) the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

    Blocking cookies will not automatically block the information being sent through our tracking pixels but you can block the sending of this information through your browser settings, by amending your firewall settings and the use of some browser extensions. However, these actions may affect your experience of using AS Roma Platforms.

    Options regarding cookies.

    Acceptance or blocking of cookies

    You can choose to activate or deactivate some or all of the above-mentioned cookies at any time (with the exception of technical cookies necessary for the functioning of the site) by following the instructions below. You can accept or block cookies on a case-by-case basis, or you can block all cookies. Please note that changing your settings in this way may affect your access to content and services on our site that require the use of cookies. We suggest, that you adjust the settings on your browser on the basis of the intended purpose of the various cookies. We will not accept any responsibility for any consequences relating to improper functioning of our services where it results from our inability to consult cookies necessary for the functioning of those services or if you have deleted or blocked those cookies. If you do consent to the saving of cookies contained in content that you have accessed, those cookies will be stored in a dedicated location on your device for a temporary period of time. You can also adjust the settings on your browser so that it indicates the cookies that are being stored on your device and asks you whether or not you want to accept them.

    Adjusting your settings on different browsers

    When it comes to the management of cookies, each browser is set up in a different way. This will be covered by your browser's help menu, which will tell you how to adjust your cookie settings. Click on the relevant link below to access detailed information regarding cookie settings – should your browser not be mentioned here, we invite you to look into the possibilities such a browser offers to adjust your cookie settings:

    Other ways to block cookies

    Depending on the type of cookie, there are other ways of managing cookies that do not involve adjusting your browser's settings.

    Blocking audience-measuring cookies

    Audience-measuring cookies have been placed on our site by Google Analytics. You can block these specific cookies by clicking on the deactivation link below, downloading the add-on and installing it on your browser. This add-on is compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.

    Google Analytics deactivation link:  Deactivate Google Analytics

    Please note that the add-on will save a cookie on your device, but that cookie will be used only to prevent your browser from transmitting data to Google Analytics.

    For more information on deactivating Google Analytics and installing the browser add-on, click here:  Browser add-on to deactivate Google Analytics

    For more information on Google Analytics' privacy policy, click here:  Safeguarding your data

    Blocking social network cookies

    To block cookies used by social networks (e.g. via sharing buttons), follow the instructions in the links below: