Frequently Asked Questions: Buying tickets


I want to buy a ticket, how does it work?

You can purchase your tickets here:

If you prefer not to buy tickets online, you can also purchase tickets in the following ways:


Can I purchase a ticket on matchday?

You can purchase a ticket up until one hour before the match, on our official website:


Are the match date and time details listed on my ticket official? 

Not always. Please be aware, for scheduling and television purposes Serie A often change the times and/or dates of matches at short notice. Tickets bought more than a few weeks in advance may therefore have the provisional details for the game listed on them, rather than the final, confirmed kick-off details.

Fans are advised to check the up-to-date match scheduling information regularly, to make sure they know when it is taking place. 


I have bought a ticket, can I change my seat?

Once the ticket is issued it is not possible to change seat or area.


Is it possible to transfer the ticket?

The ticket details change can be done under these rules: 

Please note: the new ticket holder MUST bring the following to the stadium: 

  • Personal ID 
  • Original ticket 
  • Printed confirmation of name change


I have lost my paper ticket, what can I do? 

It is not possible to get a replacement, please call call the AS Roma Service Center on +39 (0)689386000 from Monday to Friday (9:30 to 18:30). We suggest purchasing your tickets online to have a copy sent to you via email.


I am a disabled supporter; how can I purchase single match tickets?

Disabled tickets can be purchased at AS Roma Stores by showing:

  • Yours and your partner’s passports/ID 
  • Disabled person medical certification (or similar).


You can also purchase tickets via telephone by sending the same documents to and then call us back at +39 (0)689386000 from Monday to Friday (9:30-18,30) to proceed with credit card payment; tickets will be delivered via e-mail.


I put the wrong details on my ticket, what can I do?

Ticket details change can be done under these rules: 

  • the ticket must be full price (i.e. biglietto intero) 
  • The match in question does not have any restrictions in place about name changes (for security reasons)
  • The change must be done on the official webpage:

    Please note: the new ticket holder MUST bring the following to the stadium: 
  • Personal ID 
  • Original ticket 
  • Printed confirmation of name change


We are a family, are there any package discounts available?

Of course! You can find a family deal for the special family section in Tevere Sud. You can check it on our official website:


I have purchased tickets on the official website but they are not in my e-mail, what can I do?

For info and tickets please call:


+39 (0)689386000

from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:30



How long before the match do the stadium gates open?

The gates open two hours before the game.


Who should I call for missing property?

In case of loss of property in the stadium please call our telephone number +39 (0)689386000 from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:30


How can I get to the Stadio Olimpico?

The nearest metro stop to the Stadio Olimpico is Ottaviano (Line A - heading towards Battistini from Rome Termini). From here it is around a 30-minute walk to the ground, while the 32 bus from outside the station will take you most of the way.

Be warned, however, as the closer to kick-off it gets the busier the bus becomes (this is also true immediately after full-time)

Plenty of other buses serve the ground in all directions. Alternatively, the No. 2 tram from Flaminio tube station (near Piazza del Popolo) stops at Mancini, from where it is a short walk over the Tevere river to get to the Olimpico.


Can I bring my luggage or suitcase inside the stadium? 

Is not allowed to bring your luggage inside the Stadio Olimpico. You can bring with you a small personal bag not exceeding 40 x 20 x 20 cm (examples include handbag, small back pack). We remind you that for security reasons all bags will be checked at the access gates.


Is there a baggage depot inside the stadium?  

There is no a baggage depot inside the stadium. 


Can I bring my handbag or a small back pack?

Yes you can. You can bring with you a small personal bag not exceeding 40 x 20 x 20 cm (examples include handbag, small backpack).


Do kids have to pay a ticket?

Kids that are under 1 metre/3.28ft height have the right of a free access, otherwise you have to purchase a ticket.


Are umbrellas allowed inside the stadium?

Only small, foldable umbrellas are allowed inside. Larger umbrellas, or umbrellas with obvious points, will be turned away or confiscated.


Can I bring my professional camera?

You can only bring your personal compact camera (must be able to fit in your pocket). 


Can I bring a baby buggie or prams?

No, these are not allowed. 


Can I get inside the stadium with crutches or walking aids?

In case of disabled person please contact us telephone number +39 (0)689386000 from Monday to Friday, or e-mail us at


Can I bring a banner inside the stadium?

Banners must be authorized. Please download and fill out the form here.

Fill out the form and send it with your ID card to


Can I do a stadium tour?

We are sorry, the Stadio Olimpico does not have guided tours.



Where is the parking area by the Stadio Olimpico?

Parking is extremely difficult near the stadium. You are advised to park away from the ground and walk up, or to use public transport. Some public parking is available in the vicinity but will be difficult to find on matchdays - blue line spaces must be paid for, while white lines indicate you can park for free.



How can I purchase away matches tickets for Serie A?
To purchase away matches is mandatory to have the AS ROMA CARD which allows to purchase tickets in away section. If you want to stay in other areas you can purchase the tickets with no card.

To purchase the AS ROMA CARD you can check our website:


Where can I purchase away tickets?

To purchase the tickets please check the official information provided by the home team. You can also check our ticketing information page.


I have the supporter’s card but the ticketing system does not recognise it, what should I do?

You can ask for registration (“censimento”) sending your details with your request to


Is the supporter’s card required for away matches if I am under 14? 

The AS ROMA CARD is not required for under 14.


Which is the best way to purchase tickets for European matches (Champions League, Europa League and other UEFA competition)?

Away tickets for European matches can only be purchased at the AS Roma Store on Via del Corso. A priority system is usually put in place to ensure the allocation is distributed among season ticket holders first. For further information please check for updates on the official website.