coni-figc accreditation system

Welcome to the dedicated page for CONI and FIGC cardholders. Find out useful information to get your accreditation to Stadio Olimpico.


Register on the portal and upload your card


Wait for your profile approval


Access and book your accreditation


Receive your ticket via email

portal access


In accordance with Stadio Olimpico current rules, CONI and FIGC cards don’t allow entry to Stadio Olimpico unless accreditation has been previously requested.

This service is compulsory and it provides for the possibility of free access to the stadium during the above-mentioned home matches in accordance with MD no. 8 of 08/02/2007.

AS Roma has set up an online accreditation system, reserved for cardholders and it provides a free accreditation to Stadio Olimpico for League and Coppa Italia home matches.

The accreditation is strictly personal and it cannot be transferred to third parties.

1. Which are the cards allowed to get the accreditation? +

The accreditation can be released for the following cards:

  • national and provincial CONI cards issued for 2021
  • Tribuna/Tribuna Onore FICG issued for 2022
2. What are the seats reserved for the accreditation? +

From time to time the Club establishes the seats according to the match, which could be in any sector of the stadium.

3. How many accreditations are available for the cardholders? +

Number of accreditations for each match is established by the club venue unit. It may vary match by match.

4. How many matches am I able to attend? +

To allow all of cardholders to assist as more matches as possible, each member will be allowed to attend 5 games during the whole season.

5. How do I get the accreditation? +

To access the accreditation system, you can register in the portal, then upload your front-back card and ID card. The request will be processed by our staff and once approved you are allowed to get the accreditation. Registration in the accreditation system needs to be performed the first time. Then you will only need to log in and check the available matches.

6. How can I get the information on the match availability for the reservation? +

The registered cardholders will be notified with an email, which contains all the information on the opening and closure of the reservations.

7. Is it possible to go the stadium with the confirmation of the accreditation? +

No, you cannot. You are allowed to access the stadium with the ticket received in your email entered during the registration phase. The tickets are generally sent 24 hours before the kick-off of the requested match.

8. If I don’t receive the ticket, what should I do? +

If you don’t receive your ticket within 24 hours before the match, please contact us to accrediti.conifigc@asroma.it

9. I have the accreditation, but I cannot longer go to the stadium. What should I do? +

Please contact us to accrediti.conifigc@asroma.it. You will avoid the suspension of your account.

10. What are the access regulations to Stadio Olimpico? +

To be updated on safety and access regulations, please click here

ATTENTION! Previous accounts have been deleted.

All members must create a new account using FASMEDIA portal.

Accreditations available starting from February 2022