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    A love that… ‘Nun se pò spiegà’: 2024-25 Season Tickets

    Roma is a love; ‘nun se pò spiegà’ (you can’t explain it).

    Words never suffice; every match experienced at the Olimpico is a kaleidoscope of emotions comprising of incomparable images, sounds and sensations. Every time feels like the first time.

    The fans belting out the anthem, the flags waving in the wind, the yellow and red scarves around supporters’ necks and the deafening roar of over 60,000 voices when Roma score. A universe of love and passion. ‘You can’t explain it’.

    From 7 June you can secure your seat in this wonderful show for the upcoming season. 

    You and your beloved team.

    Why become a Season Ticket Holder

    Becoming a season ticket holder is always a good idea, both in a financial sense (averaging €14 per match or more), and in being able to benefit from a whole series of other perks, such as priority access for the purchase of tickets in cup competitions. In addition, you will benefit from a discount of 10% or more for purchases in AS Roma Stores.

    With the PLUS subscription (all matches) or with this season's new concept, the CLASSIC Extra (only for big matches), you will have the option to resell your seat in case you are unable to attend some matches during the season.

    The sale is divided into several phases, both for the renewal and for the purchase of new season tickets.

    Concessions are available for those under 16, under 25 and over 65. 

    Season tickets can be purchased online at asroma.com: you must have a MYASR account.

    Disabled, Life Annuity and Corporate season tickets can also be purchased through the AS Roma Contact Center (06.89386000, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00).

    Let's examine all of the season ticket sale stages.

    STEP 1

    From 12:00 on 7 June to 18:00 on 26 June.

    RENEWAL: From 12:00 noon on 7 June until 14:00 on 18 June 2023-24 season ticket holders will be able to guarantee their seat for next season.

    From 16:00 on 18 June to 18:00 on 26 June you can renew at a specific price by choosing a seat from those available in the various sectors.

    In addition, from 16:00 on 18 June to 12:00 on 20 June any available seats in the Curva Sud Centrale, Curva Sud Laterale and Distinti Sud will only be available to 2023-24 season ticket holders who have yet to renew.

    NEW SEASON TICKETS: From 16:00 on 18 June to 18:00 on 26 June you can purchase a new season ticket by choosing the sector and seat among those available, including those not renewed by 2023-24 season ticket holders (with the exception of the Curva Sud Centrale, Curva Sud Laterale and Distinti Sud sectors, which will eventually be available from 13:00 on 20 June).

    STEP 2 

    Season tickets go on general sale from 12:00 noon on 27 June. This step's prices will differ from Step 1.

    Curva Nord Season Tickets

    The season ticket in the Curva Nord consists of 18 matches (excluding Roma v Lazio). 

    Curva Nord season ticket holders for the home match against S.S. Lazio will be guaranteed a reserved purchase phase with a price specific to them and with the right to choose their seat.

    Distinti Nord Est Season Ticket Holders 2023-24

    2023-24 season ticket holders in the Distinti Nord Est sector will not be able to renew their seat for the forthcoming campaign.

    By guaranteeing the pre-sale rights granted to other season ticket holders in order to be able to purchase the season ticket for the 2024-25 season, the 2023-24 Distinti Nord Est season ticket holders - starting from 7 June at 12:00 - will have the opportunity to choose a new seat among the best available in the sectors on sale by heading to the www.asroma.com website and using their credentials (PNR and date of birth).

    Pay for your Season Ticket in instalments

    If you prefer not to pay the entire amount of your season ticket in one go, you can choose to pay in instalments via our available payment methods.

    The payment will be effective 30 days after the transaction, with subsequent instalments charged to your card every 30 days.

    You can renew or purchase your new season ticket – up to a maximum of four – on your computer or smartphone, by credit card, PayPal and online bank transfer.

    Exclusive offer for our Season Ticket Holders

    Don't miss a single Roma match in Serie A, both home and away, with DAZN's Standard subscription! A fantastic offer only available for Giallorossi season ticket holders to watch all DAZN sport at a special price of €299, an equivalent of €25 per month, instead of €359 for the annual plan with a one-off payment.

    The offer will only be available from 7 June to 20 June.

    Information on PNR code

    Please note that the season ticket holder’s PNR code cannot be passed on.

    Any attempt to buy or sell PNR codes will be prosecuted in accordance with the law for the protection of each fan.

    Any unlawful conduct can be reported to the club through a form.