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15 fan questions for Edin Dzeko

15 fan questions for Edin Dzeko

As a special gift to Chinese fans on the eve of their new year celebrations, Edin Dzeko sat down to answer 15 questions submitted by Roma supporters in China…

1. What’s your target this season in terms of goals?

“I never normally set one, neither before the season nor during the campaign. Scoring goals is my job but the most important thing to me is that my team is successful, wins games and trophies."

2. What did [Miralem] Pjanic say to you before you joined AS Roma? Did he make your decision easier?

“I'd followed Roma since Mire came here a few years ago and even before that I knew it was a big club. The team were very good and they also played against Manchester City the season I was playing there. Pjanic also told me a lot of positive things, that this team can win trophies. That’s what every football player wants and that’s why I’m here."

15 fan questions for Edin Dzeko

3. If you could play with any striker in the world, who would it be?

“In my opinion, the best striker in the world in terms of a number nine is [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic, so if I had the chance to play with someone, I would definitely pick him."

4. Do you often have dinner with Pjanic?

“Sometimes we go out for a lunch, sometimes we go out for dinner but not every day. And obviously we see each other every day in training.”

5. When will AS Roma come to China?

“I know we have a passionate fanbase there. I’ve never been there and I hope we can go soon."

6. Can you share any funny anecdotes from the training ground or dressing room? Who are the biggest characters in the dressing room and why?

“We definitely have some funny guys. Tony Rudiger is one of them, he likes to dance and you definitely don't want to see his videos. He dances in a way I can't. [Kostas] Manolas is a guy that likes to talk a lot and he is also one of the guys who is always in the middle of everything. Our team spirit is very good. It’s different from everywhere else I’ve played. And it’s good to have that."

15 fan questions for Edin Dzeko

7. The Chinese New Year begins on Monday. Do you have a message for the Chinese fans?

“As I told you before, I would love to meet my fans and our supporters over there. I’m sure there will be time for us to go. I just want to wish a Happy New Year and all the best to everyone in China."

8. Which Roma defender do you avoid the most in training?

“Rudiger. He always comes in from behind, grabbing me with both hands and I tell him 'Hey man, it’s training, take it easy!' Definitely him."

9. Which formation or system suits you best?

“In my career so far I've played in a front two, with someone next to me, and I've also operated as a lone striker at City and here. But I think I prefer to play as one of two strikers."

10. Which teammate helps you the most besides Pjanic?

“As I said before, all of the guys are nice, they've been very friendly since I came here. It didn’t take me too long to settle into the team, it’s not difficult to do so here. All the lads are very good”.

11. If you weren't a striker, which position would you choose?

“When I was a lot younger, I used to play on the right. Now that I've been a striker for a long time, I've grown to love it and I wouldn't change position."

12. How does the style of defending differ between the Bundesliga, Premier League and Serie A?

“The Italian league is out in front with regards to how deep they defend and how tight they mark you. When you compare it with other leagues, I’d say it's the best league defensively. I would definitely prefer the defences to be more open."

15 fan questions for Edin Dzeko

13. What’s your view of Man City and Roma fans respectively?

“The welcome I received here was unlike anything else. That day will definitely stay with me forever. I would love to see it in the stadium soon. I haven’t seen everything from the Roma fans because of the situation that is not helping us, the club or the fans. They want us to win games but together we can be much stonger. I hope that this problem is resolved soon. At City I had big support and I was very glad of it."

14. What’s your favourite animal? Have you ever seen a Giant Panda?

“I like animals and if I had to choose my favourite pet, I’d say dogs. No, I've never seen a Giant Panda!"

15. How do you balance football with family life?

“I’m a father now and life is different. Even before, everything was OK with my family because they help me to perform better at work."

15 fan questions for Edin Dzeko