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    Angelino: "We could have done better in the duels"

    Angelino spoke to the media after Roma's 0-0 draw with Lecce on Monday evening.

    Here's what the Spanish defender had to say...

    Perhaps today's game with Roma was more difficult than previous ones?

    "Yes, today's second half was better than the first. We lost a few duels, especially in the first half, which wasn't normal for Roma.

    “We tried to expand the game, especially in the final part, but it didn't help, and that's how it went."

    What have they told you about the Rome derby?

    "A match of the highest importance. It will undoubtedly be exciting.

    “We will have to work hard during the week, then the derby must be won."

    Your initial thoughts of Rome and Serie A?

    "I've been wanting to come here for a long time, and I'm really enjoying it now. Rome enchants me. Italian? Still little.”