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    Paredes: "This victory was very important to us"

    Leandro Paredes spoke to the media after Roma's 2-1 victory over Sassuolo on Sunday evening.

    Here's what the Giallorossi midfielder had to say...

    How important is this victory for Roma?

     "It was very important to us. It seems that if we don't struggle, it doesn't count. Fortunately, we got what we wanted which was the victory.

     “We played a good game. Unfortunately, we conceded an unexpected goal, but as I said before, the important thing was to win."

     Roma often score in the final ten minutes, almost always finding the back of the net. Why isn't there this desire from the start of matches?

     "The desire is there. That's how games go. As I said earlier, we always get to the end suffering, but we will continue to work because we still have plenty to improve on in all aspects.

     “We hope to continue like this, to continue winning. That is the most important thing.”

     Do you agree with the coach that some of your teammates have been a little too casual in previous games?

     "I don't think so. I have a lot of faith in my teammates and the staff. I always try to give my all.

     “We hope to continue like this and to do even better.”

     You're becoming increasingly important to this group. Has Dybala helped you in your integration?

     "They all gave me the confidence I needed after a difficult year at Juventus from the first day I arrived.

     “The coach gives me a lot of confidence. He believes in me, so I hope I can always bring something to the team."