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    The 'Amami e Basta' campaign continues in the name of over 100 women killed this year in Italy

    Over 100 women have been killed in Italy in 2023. At least 80% of them were in a family or sentimental context, with over half coming at the hands of a partner or an ex. These numbers are part of a continuous problem that absolutely cannot be faced with silence.

    This is why Roma players, from the women’s and men’s sides, are remembering the names of the victims in a video posted on the club’s official social media channels on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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    The club’s “Amami e Basta” (just love me) campaign, which began in 2020, continues to be active, having been strengthened by the latest stream of initiatives planned for today.

    Club initiatives

    The club’s awareness campaign resumed on Thursday at the Stadio Tre Fontane for the Women’s Champions League clash between Roma and Ajax. At the end of the match, AS Roma handed out red whistles to female spectators as a tool to ask for help in the event of being attacked and to send out a symbolic signal all together as part of the bid to bring gender violence to an end.

    This initiative will be replicated at Tre Fontane for the women’s Serie A showdown between Roma and Fiorentina and at the Stadio Olimpico at the end of the league meeting between Roma and Udinese.

    On the evening of 24 November, the club, which was represented by CEO Lina Soulokou, responded to the invitation from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Minister for Sport Andrea Abodi and Minister for Family Eugenia Roccella to join athletes, such as Bryan Cristante, and the head of institutional relations for the stadium project, Lucia Bernabe, at the event in which the slogan “You’re not alone. Phone 1522” was projected on to the main façade of Palazzo Chigi in the Italian capital. 

    It was a chance to remind women who are subjected to violence and stalking that freephone 1522 is always available to them 24 hours a day, with friendly operators specialising in requests for help and support. The service is promoted by the Department for Equal Opportunities within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

    Finally, AS Roma has chosen to support the “Ora basta con la violenza sulle donne” (enough violence against women) initiative, promoted on 25 November by the Centro Provinciale Libertas Roma at the Centro Federale FIB with the endorsement of the Presidency of the Capitolina Assembly and the Department for Equal Opportunities in Rome. 

    Jerseys with Lukaku and Dyabla on the back will be donated in exchange for donations to Casa Internazionale delle Donne, while children taking part in planned sporting, musical and dance events will wear T-shirts showcasing the “Amami e basta” (just love me) slogan.