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Bavagnoli rallies troops ahead of Coppa Italia final

Coach Betty Bavagnoli faced the media on Saturday afternoon, as Roma Women prepare to face AC Milan in the Coppa Italia final.

The game in Reggio Emilia gets underway on Sunday evening (20:30 CEST) - with both sides aiming to win silverware for the first time in their existences.

Milan finished second in Serie A this term while the Giallorosse ended up fifth - but a semi-final victory over champions Juventus underlined the potential within Bavagnoli's squad.

Here's what the coach had to say going into the game...

How is the side preparing for the first final in the club’s history?

“With the awareness that we have always been working towards this moment. And then with a lot of humility, a lot of passion, a lot of respect for our opponents – but also a huge amount of desire.”

What has changed, on the mental side, for the group between January and now?

“The Supercoppa game [against Juventus] helped us reach a new level of maturity. Even though we didn’t win, showing ourselves that we could go toe-to-toe with a great team like Juventus was crucial. That game changed things for us.”

What would it mean to bring a trophy back to the capital for the first time in 13 years, and to do it with the women’s team?

“It would be an honour, a massive achievement, an amazing feeling. If we also think about the fact that our Primavera are playing for the Scudetto [today], it’s worth reflecting on the work that we’ve done over the last few months. It’s been great work.

“Winning this trophy would mean so much. It would be something special both for us and our fans.”

What are the key things you will be focusing on ahead of this game?

“Hard work has helped us improve our performances, with great fitness preparation and focus on the technical and tactical aspects too. But the key things are those that all of us possess within us; passion, heart, determination and courage. And I think those values are something all my players have. Along with my staff, I have tried to draw all those elements out of them. And I hope I’ve been able to do that.”

In 2021 you have beaten Juventus, a team Milan lost 4-0 against. Do you feel like you are the favourites?

“It’s true that we beat Juventus, but we have never beaten Milan. It’s a final – you always need to have big, positive thoughts. It’s a final and it’s a game on its own. But it would be a massive mistake if I considered us favourites. I have the utmost respect for Milan. We know that we are can play well, that we can show how much we’ve improved thanks to our hard work.”

Do you think victory tomorrow could be your crowning moment as Roma coach?

“If we do bring the trophy home, then I will absolutely see it as a crowning moment in so many ways. Not just for me personally, but for the club, for the work that everyone puts in both for us and alongside us.”

Why do you think Roma have never been able to beat Milan?

“Milan are a really good side and they have shown that over the course of this season. It’s no accident they finished second in the table. It’s true that we are yet to beat them and that the difference in the league was considerable – but I think it’s also true that, in terms of performances on the pitch, we’ve really closed the gap. We will need to be focused, hungry and determined.”

A number of Roma players have already won the Coppa Italia in their careers. How much is that experience worth in games like this?

“It’s crucial. We have players with a lot of experience behind them and they use that to help some of the younger girls. When we are talking about games like this, you always need a number of elements: while you want the experience of the older players, you can’t have that at the expense of the exuberance, the unpredictability of some of the younger ones. You need to find the right way to blend those two elements.”