WATCH: The complete first season of 'The Szczesny Show'

Released last week to huge critical acclaim, 'The Szczesny Show' proved immediately popular with fans for its cutting questions and hilarious moments.

From Kevin Strootman to Edin Dzeko, the host showed a remarkable knack for winding up his teammates - even if he sometimes left himself open for a joke or two at his expense in the process.

If you missed all the episodes last week, never fear - you can see all five of them below, with a few highlights from each one picked out for ease of reference.


"Honestly, I wasn't a good boy at school. I was really bad."
"And, of course, now a lot has changed..!"

In the season premiere, Radja discusses his hairstyle, his favourite player growing up, and when he realised he could maybe make it as a professional footballer.

  • 0:50 - Radja discusses his famous haircut
  • 2:30 - The history of his tattoos...
  • 5:30 - Is there anyone he is scared of?


"So that's more goals than you actually scored for Chelsea..."
"This is true ... but the important thing is I scored against you!"

The flying winger takes the hotseat - and holds his own against the host as things start to get a little heated...

  • 0:20 - Childhood memories
  • 2:00 - On Chelsea ... and scoring against Arsenal
  • 3:30 - His best friends in the squad (not Szczesny!)


"What do you want me to say? That I smoke the weed? That I take hookers?"
"Yes, yes, yes! That's the show!"

Famously combative and unwilling to lose on the pitch, midfielder Kevin Strootman proves similarly ready for a battle inside the TV studio. Just don't ask him about his dog...

  • 0:30 - Why doesn't he follow Szczesny on Twitter?!
  • 2:30 - On his 'unsuitable' dog...
  • 6:40 - Can he use a washing machine?
  • 9:00 - Does he enjoy the 'delights' on offer in Holland?
  • 11:20 - One word to describe Szczesny...


"Oooooh Szczesny, oh no Szczesny!"
"No way. I'm disgusted. I'm going to end the interview right here."

In the longest episode of the series, top goalscorer Edin Dzeko takes an early beating from the ever-insulting host ... but he finishes strongly to leave Szczesny - temporarily - speechless.

  • 0:20 - Why the fans will be disappointed with this episode...
  • 3:45 - On his goalscoring record against Arsenal (and Szczesny...)
  • 9:00 - Who speaks Italian better - Szczesny or Rudiger?
  • 11:20 - Better player: Thierry Henry or Andriy Shevchenko? 


"You are a crazy guy, but anyone would be scared to fight Fazio."
"But sometimes it's not about fear. If it happens, in that moment, it happens!"

In the season finale, Antonio Rudiger delights the host by showing off some of his famous dance moves and joining his side in the emerging Henry/Shevchenko debate. But which teammate would he least like to fight?

  • 0:45 - Szczesny recruits Toni to 'Team Henry'
  • 2:00 - Rudiger shows off his dance moves
  • 6:00 - Would he rather fight Manolas or Fazio? Or the boss?!

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