Ask Alisson: The goalkeeper answers your questions!

Goalkeeper Alisson Becker has made a flying start to the new season, catching the eye with a number of important saves and keeping five clean sheets already.

We sat down with the Brazilian to ask him a number of questions sent in by the fans - on topics ranging from his best moments so far in this campaign to his preferred hobbies away from football.

Watch the full interview in the subtitled video above, or read the full transcript below.

QUESTION: What’s the biggest difference between the Brazilian and Italian leagues?

ALISSON: "In my eyes, the biggest difference is the style of play. Italian football is more tactical than Brazilian football. There are coaches that are bringing that in more now, but Brazilian football is more about technique and creativity. In Italy, there’s more of a focus on tactics than there is in Brazil."

Do you have any superstitions in terms of your pre-match routine?

"No, the only thing I do is point to the sky. I’m a Christian so I’m not a superstitious person."

What’s been your best save of the season so far?

"I think my best save – my trickiest save – was the one against Correa. I had to get down low to stop a close-range effort – it was nearly inside the six-yard box. For me, that’s been my best save."

How do you feel after you make a vital save, like the one against Saul in the 90th minute of Roma v Atletico?

"Well, it’s always nice when you make an important save in the last minute. I just try to focus on the game and stay concentrated. I try to save my emotions and things for after the game when I re-watch my saves. I try to make sure I’m switched on straight after I make a save in case I need to make any more."

What do you love most about your position?

"I like everything about my position. I enjoy putting the work in, not just in games but during training – I love that. I’ve always liked being a goalkeeper ever since I was young. My brother is a goalie too and when I was younger I loved going to watch him train with my parents. It was great."

What advice do you have for young keepers who want to be great like you?

"If you want to be a great keeper, you need to work very hard. That’s what I do. You need to be very focused on football and I think faith is important too. If you believe in God, you know you have to do your best on the pitch and put love into everything you do in life."

If you had to choose a different position, where would you play?

"Maybe a striker! It’d nice to be score goals rather than stop them. I prefer being a keeper but striker is a great position too – lots of responsibility!"

What do you think of Rome as a city?

"I think it’s one of the greatest cities in the world. When I joined I went into the city to see all the sites – it was amazing. I’d only see it in films, so the idea of living in a city like Rome seemed a long way away. I love it and so do my family. When my parents came, we went to the Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican and the centre. Faith is a big thing here. I believe in God so it’s important for me to live in a city like Rome."

Why did you change from Alisson to A. Becker on your shirt this season?

"It’s nothing major. A mate was like: ‘Why don’t you put Alisson Becker on your shirt? There are lots of Alissons.’ There’s only one Alisson Becker but that was too long, so I went with A. Becker."

How did you feel on Totti’s last day?

"It was a very emotional day, but at the same time it was a joy to be there. It was a very sad day because we were saying goodbye to a legendary player. I cried like everyone else. The whole world watched and I was there on the pitch to say goodbye to him after his final game. It was also an important game for this season because it meant we qualified for the Champions League. It was a massive game, but mainly because of Totti’s retirement."

How far do you think Brazil can go in the World Cup?

"We have a good team and we know what we can – and must – do on the pitch. Given our confidence, I think we can go all the way, but the World Cup is the World Cup. There are always top teams there like France and Spain, and I hope Italy qualify too. Argentina are there too, but we want to go all the way and win it. I believe we can do it, but football is about walking the walk not talking the talk so we’ll see!"

Do you like Italian music? Who are your favourite artists?

"I’ve listened to some. There are artists who are well-known in Brazil like Andrea Bocelli, who I really like. That’s not my favourite type of music, but I listen to everything so I like Andrea Bocelli."

Is it true that you like fishing?

"Yep! I love fishing. When I was younger I always used to go with my dad and my friends. Whenever I go on holiday to Brazil, I try to take three or four days to go fishing with my mates. I love it."

What videogames are you playing at the moment?

"I like playing FIFA. I play online against my brother all the time. Right now I’m mainly playing Rainbow Six. It’s a shooter game. I play with Juan Jesus and online too. You might see on my Instagram that sometimes I put up photos of us playing together.

"Thanks for your questions. I hope you liked the answers! See you later!"