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    Earth Day 2024

    All of AS Roma's "green" initiatives

    22 April is international Earth Day, established by the United Nations in 1970 to raise awareness of environmental protection. To mark the occasion, AS Roma is launching a new 'green' project in cooperation with regional environmental organisation ROMANATURA.

    The club - which joined forces with UEFA last year to pilot the key aspects of European football's "Strength Through Unity" 2030 Sustainability Strategy - here recalls the major milestones in the sustainable pathway that it has initiated in the community and within its own sporting facility.

    21 aprile 2024

    The "Score a Goal for the Earth" project is launched

    Begining with the Roma-Bologna match and continuing until the end of next season, the club will contribute to the planting of three new trees for every goal scored by the Giallorossi players. Thanks to the club's collaboration with RomaNatura, this is how AS Roma will participate in the redevelopment of the capital's green areas - and thus the "Score a Goal for the Earth" project is born. The new trees will be planted in parks managed by the RomaNatura regional authority.

    The announcement of this renewed commitment by AS Roma coincides with Earth Day and will be shared with fans at the Stadio Olimpico before the Roma-Bologna match, in the presence of the Regional Councillor for Budget, Economic Planning, Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Hunting and Fishing, Parks and Forestry of the Lazio Region, Giancarlo Righini, and RomaNatura's Special Commissioner Marco Visconti.

    21 April 2024

    Ongoing collaboration with RomaNatura regional body

    AS Roma is working closely with regional body RomaNatura, both to redevelop Centro Sportivo Fulvio Bernardini, and to promote initiatives to rehabilitate the local coastline through the voluntary work of its employees - and also to raise awareness about environmental issues for younger generations through dedicated events such as that organised in collaboration with the 'Muovi Roma' association at Villa Mazzanti and Monte Mario during the Christmas period.

    20 April 2024

    Recovery of food surpluses

    The Club is committed to recovering surplus food from the catering services in the hospitality areas of the Olympic Stadium. To date, thanks to the collaboration of ACLI (a social support network), more than 5 tonnes of food have been recovered and donated to aid associations, parishes and foster homes in the capital.

    19 April 2024

    Installation of an Urban Vegetable Garden

    Planted on an area of 2,960 square metres on land adjacent to the Centro Sportivo Fulvio Bernardini owned by the AS Roma group, AS Roma's urban vegetable garden guarantees a harvest of approximately 1,200 kg of vegetables every year, which are used in the Centro Sportivo restaurant to serve the first team, Youth Sector, and employees through a true farm-to-table experience.

    Produce is harvested weekly, diversing the types of vegetables picked in order to ensure the freshness, variety and quality of the food being brought to the table. The urban garden is also used for environmental education activities for Youth Sector children attending the Liceo Scientifico Sportivo inside the Centre, as well as children from other schools in the capital.

    18 April 2024

    Adhesion to the UN 'Sports for Climate Action Framework' and 'Football for the Goals' initiatives

    AS Roma has strengthened its commitment to sustainability and climate action by adhering to the initiatives called for by the United Nations to halve emissions by 2030, through five key principles:

    1. Undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility
    2. Reduce overall climate impact
    3. Educate for climate action
    4. Promote sustainable and responsible consumption
    5. Advocate for climate action through communication

    The Club has also officially joined Football for the Goals, a United Nations tool that provides a platform for the global football community to commit to and support the Sustainable Development Goals.

    17 April 2024

    Responsible Management of Water and Renewable Energy

    The club has launched a series of initiatives at all its sites to promote responsible water use and optimise energy consumption.

    Water dispensers have been introduced in the club's offices to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Additionally, the grass training fields and ornamental greenery are irrigated with groundwater supply in compliance with current regulations, while for the synthetic playing fields a totally natural infill made of recyclable organic material has been chosen.

    In terms of electricity, AS Roma relies on supplies from 100% renewable sources, and has also implemented charging stations for the staff's electric vehicles. To reduce consumption and environmental impact, the facades of the premises at the sporting centre have been restyled by retrofitting thermal insulation to the main building, and LED lighting has been introduced. The process of restyling these facades allows the Club to save 96 MegaWatts of energy per year.

    16 April 2024


    In collaboration with RomaNatura, 120 new trees have been planted inside the Fulvio Bernardini Sports Center, as an integral part of the green redevelopment of the facility that began some months ago. This activity will be followed by others in the coming years which will allow a doubling of the number of different species on site. The use of native species such as holly oak, suitable for activities within sports facilities, helps to reduce allergenic factors and increase the biodiversity of the vegetation.