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    Giallorossi community take part in “Il Grande Cuore di Roma” event in Testaccio alongside Salvamamme

    Some of the city’s most important organisations came together on Wednesday 12 June at Citta dell’Altra Economia in Testaccio for the opening of the “Il Grande Cuore di Roma” [Rome’s Big Heart] event in aid of the Salvamamme association.

    The club rallied the huge Giallorossi family to the historic district of Testaccio to support some of the city’s most disadvantaged families, in keeping with the solidarity initiatives regularly organised in the area. 

    Volunteers from the community network (Roma Club, parishes and ASD) became “special Giallorossi sales assistants” for the day, together with the club's mascot Romolo, in the large open-air social shopping centre that was set up for the event. The purpose of this huge solidarity shop was to be there for those who need it most, such as women who are victims of domestic violence, people experiencing homelessness, those with minimum pensions, and many other vulnerable people. Everyone was able to take home pieces of clothing, accessories, shoes and other useful objects that had been donated by the club and its partner companies and associations. 

    Alongside AS Roma CEO Lina Souloukou and Salvamamme President Maria Grazia Passeri, other important figures from institutions around the city and the region were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony, such as the Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, the President of the Capitoline Assembly Svetlana Celli, and the President of the Region Francesco Rocca. Many other representatives from the organisations involved were also present, including the Italian Red Cross and Civil Protection Arvalia, who regularly work with the club on community-focused initiatives. 

    After the welcome greetings, it was time for entertainment and educational talks that focused on social topics like motherhood, children’s health, prevention of road traffic accidents and accidental suffocation in the home. There were also psychological, paediatric, and legal advice sessions to give comprehensive support to all families.

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