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    Press Conference: De Rossi and Smalling's thoughts ahead of Perth friendly

    Daniele De Rossi and Chris Smalling spoke at a press conference in Perth ahead of the friendly match against AC Milan.

    The match will be played on Friday 31 May at Optus Stadium in Perth, with a kick-off time of 13:00 CEST.

    Here are is what they had to say...

    Daniele De Rossi

    “We are delighted to be here, Thank you for the invitation, it's always good to have an experience like this. We came to Australia with Roma a few years ago, and it's a pleasure to be here now to face AC Milan.

    "The anniversary of Ago's death is always sad for every Roma fan. I was too young to remember it, but the memories of my father and older friends have given me an understanding of how strong the bond was with every Roma fans. He left an example of what it means to be Roman and a Romanista. We must honour and remember him every time we wear this shirt."

    Chris Smalling

    “I have been here before. The stadium is beautiful and the game will be a great way to entertain people. There's an excitement for football here. Fans wait outside the hotel for autographs and photos. It's great to be here."