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    World Autism Awareness Day: friendly action in Testaccio with AS Roma for Special and Calcio Insieme

    For World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April, AS Roma staged two friendly matches in Testaccio, dedicated to raising awareness and promoting inclusion.

    On the field of the Don Bosco oratory, a historic point of reference for families in the neighbourhood, a team made up of locals faced children on the autism spectrum linked to the Calcio Insieme project, an initiative promoted by the club with the aim of promoting integration and inclusion for young people with intellectual disabilities and fostering relationships in family and educational environments.

    A second friendly match involved the players of AS Roma for Special team with intellectual and relational disabilities and representatives from AIRC fans, including Roma Club Testaccio, 'Agostino Di Bartolomei', Palazzo Chigi, Montecitorio, Acea, Giallorosse nel Cuore, Bracciano 5 Torri, and Lodi.

    The event, which received the usual support from Roma Capitale with the participation of the President of the Capitoline Assembly Svetlana Celli, was organised to emphasise, on this special day in particular, AS Roma’s commitment to the community to support and finance projects that promote access to sport for vulnerable groups.

    At the end of an afternoon of celebration and solidarity, club mascot Romolo handed out AS Roma footballs to all the children present, while the club decided to give the new adidas ASR Origins jerseys featuring the historic traditional crest, which the first team will wear on Saturday in the derby, to the winners of the two friendly contests.