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    Club Statement

    With reference to what appeared yesterday and today in some press in relation to an affair, in reality dating back in time, involving two employees (a man and a woman) and a club member, AS Roma, recognizing the defamatory tone of the campaign that has arisen, believes that a clear attempt to attack and destabilize the Company and its Group at a crucial moment of the sports season is underway.

    The Company, in reaffirming the correctness of its actions, wishes to highlight some relevant facts that came to its attention in November 2023, which determined the business decision taken:

    • The dismissal was the consequence of a circumstance that, in addition to being contrary to the Company's Code of Ethics, and to having indiscriminately affected both persons who recorded the video, objectively determined the impossibility of continuing the working relationship with the Club, also in light of the duties performed by both of them that required direct coordination with minors.

    • The facts were artfully exploited to presume a nonexistent sexual discrimination and unequal treatment, when the Company's measure affected contextually (on the same day and at the same time) also the boy involved in the facts.

    • It is, moreover, unfortunately true that in the video it emerged the existence of a private negotiation regarding preferential work lanes.

    AS Roma announces that it firmly intends to protect itself in defense of its interests, in all competent venues, from these serious and unscrupulous attacks, restoring the objective truth of the facts.