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    “Amami e Basta” – on 8 March, the medical equipment purchased by AS Roma with the proceeds from the first pink scarf was delivered

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the club participated in a symbolic ceremony for the delivery of the first gynaecological beds and dividers to health authorities in the local region.

    The event was held at the Sant’Anna Women’s and Children’s Health Centre within the Roma 1 local health authority, with AS Roma’s General Counsel, Lorenzo Vitali, Head of Women’s Football, Betty Bavagnoli, and the President of the Lazio Regional Council, Antonello Aurigemma, taking part. They were welcomed by Giuseppe Quintavalle, Special Commissioner of the Roma 1 local health authority, and Maria Antonietta Bonfiglio, Healthcare Director of the Sant’Anna Centre.

    The ceremony marks the conclusion of the initiative linked to the sale of the first pink scarf, which was produced last year to support the “Amami e Basta” (Just Love Me) project, dedicated to the fight against gender violence. AS Roma specifically chose to allocate the proceeds from scarf sales to the purchase of gynaecological beds and dividers to be donated to the most in-need healthcare facilities, with the aim of creating a setting that protects the privacy of female victims of violence who attend accident and emergency centres.

    “Today is very important for us,” commented Vitali, AS Roma’s General Counsel, “because it allows us to give substance to the efforts that our community is putting in when participating enthusiastically and generously in the social initiatives that AS Roma organises on a periodic basis. We are therefore very pleased to have collaborated with the Lazio region through the “Amami e Basta” project, which has been our flagship among the activities that we carry out to promote the female world for several years. This initiative reaffirms our willingness to serve institutions to continue to bring concrete benefits to the community beyond the sporting side.”

    “Today we are here for a commendable initiative,” admitted Aurigemma, the President of the Lazio Regional Council during the ceremony. “This combines solidarity and prevention and is organised by AS Roma, one of the few Serie A clubs led by a woman: Lina Souloukou, who holds the position of CEO. And how can we not remember that on 8 March, International Women’s Day? The presence of the local region aims to signify the great commitment of the institution to always guarantee equal opportunities, especially within businesses and in the world of work. Our task obviously does not end today. On the contrary, we will keep striving to provide real support so that women can meet their expectations and fulfil their desires without limits or barriers of any kind. For these reasons, we will always ensure the utmost availability in the future for initiatives related to these delicate issues. This is a commitment that we must carry forward together, beyond political affiliation, involving all the organisations and bodies concerned.”

    In addition to the Roma 1 local health authority, the materials have also been delivered to the local health authorities in Roma 4, Latina, Rieti and Frosinone in the coming days. The recipient facilities were identified by the Lazio region following a specific call for tender.

    Pink scarf back on sale

    The sale of Roma’s pink scarf resumed for International Women’s Day on 8 March 2024 and will continue until 15 April at AS Roma Stores with the same objective of channelling the proceeds to the purchase and donation of medical equipment to be allocated, during the year, to other healthcare facilities in the area.

    8 March of prevention: hundreds of free screenings

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the club also acted as a collector to contribute to offering hundreds of free medical screenings in certain hospitals across the capital.

    Thanks to Roma 1, Roma 2 and Roma 3 local health authorities, Porta Pinciana Outpatient Centre and the Bio-Medico Campus University Hospital Foundation, it was possible to build up a network capable of providing various types of services such as gynaecological visits, mammograms, pap tests and colon screenings. 

    Romolo, the club’s mascot, visited the relevant facilities to donate some Giallorossi gadgets to the patients, while two players from the women’s first team, Valentina Giacinti and Martina Tomaselli, who were welcomed by CEO and General Manager Paolo Sormani and Healthcare Director Antonella Venditti, visited the Bio-Medico Campus to send best wishes from AS Roma to women awaiting tests and consultations.

    AS Roma would like to express its gratitude to all the medical staff who made this important day dedicated to healthcare and early diagnosis possible, thanks to their collaborative approach and tireless efforts.

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