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    Mancini: "Results will come from these performances"

    Gianluca Mancini spoke to the media after Roma's 4-2 defeat to Inter Milan on Saturday evening.

    Here's what the defender had to say...

    What did you say to each other after going head-to-head against the league's top team?

    "It hurts. Losing is not a good thing. When this happens, it's natural to be angry. But you should also remember that you played well against the team that everyone, including myself, thinks is the best in the league. We had a fantastic first half, and we must criticise ourselves for allowing ourselves to be caught out in the first part of the second half."

    Can you explain how you've changed your playing style so quickly and effectively since De Rossi arrived?

    "The coach is well prepared. He brought his ideas, and we were capable at understanding them and working with the appropriate mindset. Before De Rossi arrived, the results were not going well, so we knew we needed to give more. Tonight, we worked on what he asked of us. The 4-2 scoreline is a little heavy. Inter played well. They didn't steal anything, but a draw would have been fair. The performance should inspire us to keep going because the results will come."

    You shifted from a three-man to a four-man defence. What did you find most difficult about this change?

    "I don't want to say the easiest or most difficult things. It is up to the players to quickly understand what the coach asks. The only thing I can say is that with a three-man defence, we are more aggressive, and we defenders can focus on ourselves rather than the back line.

    “With a four-man defence, you must think in terms of your defensive partners. Marking the opposition while also watching your own zone. When there is one less player in defence, you have to cover the defence differently. However, my teammates and I have both played in defences of three or four. We are used to it.”

    Is it harder to mark Thuram or Lukaku in training?

    "They are two very strong players. Rom, for me, is one of the strongest centre forwards in the world. He is physically strong and fast, and he is deadly inside the box. Thuram is a great player too. They are both strong."

    Is this performance against such a team evidence that this is a group of strong characters?

    "Yes, we are people who care about Roma, who work hard in training and strive to win every game.

    "Like we did tonight. We tried and it failed. This is the direction, and we will try to do better."