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    Dybala: "It’s an important three points”

    Paulo Dybala ha parlato al microfono di Dazn al termine di Roma-Udinese, tredicesima giornata di Serie A.

    Here’s what the Argentinian attacker had to say…

    How do you feel after this victory?

    "We're happy with this win. It’s an important three points.”

    Can you explain your celebration with your finger over the mouth? To silence anyone?

    "No, there are people who, unfortunately, talk too much. Many times, without reason. Those who talk the most are aware of it.”

    This is yet another response from Dybala on the pitch.

    "I try to give my best for the team, to respond to my coach and my teammates.”

    Your goal is Roma’s 4,500th in Serie A.

    "It makes me happy. I came here to try and give back all the love that the fans have shown me. I'd like to go down in history, but with a trophy."

    You’ve started eight games with Lukaku, scoring seven goals together. How easy is it to play alongside him? It feels like you've been playing together for ages.

    "I understand his game and he understands mine. I think that's one of the secrets.

    “We've talked a lot since his arrival to find an ideal understanding on the pitch, and I believe we're getting there."

    You are now three points behind fourth place. Does this mean anything to you?

    "No, it's early. The championship is still long.”