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    An interview with the Servette journalists who were moved by the Roma anthem!

    "A crazy emotion. We got goosebumps. If we were Roma players, we would give everything we had for the supporters."

    Their video instantly went viral on social media. It shows Antoine Vallélian and Ethan Fasnacht staring in awe at the Stadio Olimpico as the Roma anthem plays. They work as journalists for 'Lucarne Grenat', the only webradio station that commentates on all Servette matches.

    This is what they told us during the interview!

    Was that your first time at the Stadio Olimpico?

    Antoine: "It was my second time at the Stadio Olimpico! I came last year. Tammy Abraham scored the goal and gave AS Roma the victory against Atalanta."

    Ethan: "It was my first time in Roma and I loved the experience. It was really amazing."

    Have you ever heard the anthem before?

    Antoine: "Only last year against la Dea! It already impressed me! After I saw some YouTube videos to remember this song."

    Ethan: "I never heard the anthem before. I only knew that the club had a hymn."

    How did you and your colleague feel while the AS Roma fans sung the anthem? 

    Antoine and Ethan: "We got goosebumps all over our body in a matter of seconds ! It was so AMAZING! We would clearly like to relive this moment one day in our life."

    Do you know the meaning of the AS Roma anthem? 

    Antoine and Ethan: "We don’t speak italian, but we will say that is a declaration of love to the Roma city".

    What did you think about the AS Roma fans?

    Antoine and Ethan: "We were impressed, the stadium was full and the atmosphere was superb, despite the fact that the club is not getting the results it wants in the league. We also loved seeing the old Totti and De Rossi shirts."

    The Lucarne Grenat staff at the Stadio Olimpic. From left to right: Ethan Fasnacht, Thomas Zinguinian, Antoine Vallélian and Juan Budeguer
    The Lucarne Grenat staff at the Stadio Olimpico. From left to right: Ethan Fasnacht, Thomas Zinguinian, Antoine Vallélian and Juan Budeguer

    Talking about shirts, did you like the AS Roma Third kit, black featuring the Wolf, launched just few days before AS Roma-Servette? 

    Antoine: "It's really beautiful ! I love black shirts in general but with the wolf and the tri-colour stripes, it's even more beautiful! In memory of this wonderful trip, I will maybe buy it."

    Ethan: "It’s one of the most beautiful shirt I’ve ever seen. I’ve already buy one in Roma!"

    Do the Servette supporters have a special song or a similar pre-match anthem?

    Antoine and Ethan: "We have the “Cé qu’è lainô” anthem. It's a song in the Genevan dialect and also the official anthem of the Genevan Republic. We sing this anthem before Servette football and hockey game."

    In your opinion, how important was having over 50,000 people behind AS Roma?

    Antoine and Ethan: "It must be so crazy ! The fans are always pushing you even in victory and defeat. It’s impressive. If we were Roma players, We'd give 100% every time we played for the fans."