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    Mourinho: "I go home proud. The lads gave everything"

    Here's what Jose Mourinho had to say after the Europa League final.

    This is sport. The players can't be criticised at all.

    “That's what I said to the team. We're dead physically and mentally. It's not a fair result and there were several moments that we should talk about. We're dead tired and proud. You can lose a game but not your dignity and professionalism. I've won five European finals and I've lost this one but I go home proud. The lads gave everything.”

    Paulo Dybala's tears show they all care a lot about this club.

    “We work hard with humility and professionalism. We give everything we have. Everyone reacts in their own way. Some cry and some don't. But the truth is we're all very sad whether we cry or not. That's the truth. We go home dead tired and dead because we feel it's unfair. But it was a great performance. A great final.”

    Intense and physical.

    “Intense and physical. With a referee who looked Spanish. But we gave our all. One yellow card, another yellow card, another... You realise how unfair it was when you think that [Erik] Lamela should have been given a second yellow; he wasn't, and then he was one of the penalty takers.”  

    The Roma fans understand because they applauded you. Now they want to know about your future. It would be the best news of the night at such a sad time. Can you tell us what you're going to do?

    “On Monday I'm going on holiday. Up until Monday we have time to talk. Otherwise I'll go on holiday and then we'll see. But I have to fight for these lads. I have to fight for them, not tell you that I'm staying.”

    It's a very important moment and one the Roma fans have been waiting for. Will you speak to the club to plan for the future?

    “I consider myself to be an honest person. A few months ago, I told the owners they would be the first to know if I had any contact with other clubs. I'd never do anything in secret. I would be open and honest. I spoke to the club in December when I had that situation with the Portugal national team. I haven't spoken to them again because I haven't spoken to any other clubs. At the moment I have another year's contract with Roma. That's the situation.”