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    Mayoral: I'm a modern striker

    Borja Mayoral was unveiled to the media on Wednesday afternoon. Read on to find out what he had to say to journalists...

    Borja Mayoral was unveiled to the media on Wednesday afternoon. The Spanish forward has joined from Real Madrid on loan with an option to make the move permanent.

    Read on to find out what he had to say to journalists.

    What were your reasons for joining Roma?

    “First of all, I’d like to thank Guido [Fienga, the club's CEO] and the club for giving me the opportunity to be here. I really wanted to join Roma. It’s true that the transfer went through late but the main thing is I’m here.

    "Over the summer my agent told me that Roma and lots of other clubs were interested in me but I was especially intrigued and convinced by Roma. Real would have preferred for me to stay with them but they let me leave in the end and the conversations with Guido and the boss were key. I want to thank Real Madrid for allowing me to join the club I wanted to be at.”

    What are your main strengths?

    “I’m a young striker with a massive desire to succeed. I’ve already acquired a fair bit of experience in the top flight. I can score goals, I’m sharp in the box and good at making the right movements outside the box to bring others players into play. I can provide assists and generally help the players around me. I think these are all typical qualities of a modern player – which is what I believe I am.”

    Do you see Roma as a long-term destination or a stage of your career?

    “I definitely see Roma as a destination. I’ve only been here 10 days but I’m delighted with the choice I’ve made. I’m happy with the club and my team-mates.

    "I already feel completely at home here after just a few days. I’m definitely more a Roma player than a Real Madrid player now because besides my two-year contract here, Roma also have an option to buy me permanently at the end of this season and at the end of next season.”

    Can you play alongside Edin Dzeko?

    “Sure. Why not? I know what sort of footballer Dzeko is and he’s a different player to me. Why shouldn’t we be able to play together up front? Besides, having two strikers with different skill sets can come in very handy. I think we complement each other.”

    Real Madrid had decided to keep you and let Luka Jovic leave. What happened in the last few days of the transfer window? Did you speak to Zinedine Zidane?

    “As I said before, at the start of the summer, in pre-season, I told the club I want to leave as soon as possible. Then there was a meeting with Zidane in which he said he wanted to keep me so I ended up staying longer, but I still wanted to leave because I felt sure I’d have more chances to play and develop elsewhere.

    "I guess the club listened to Zidane’s request and tried to keep me. Perhaps they did intend to let Jovic leave but in the end it worked out for me. I spoke to Zidane in his office and explained to him how important it was for me to be able to accept this offer – not miss the train, so to speak – because a club of Roma’s calibre was after me. I felt it was a great opportunity for me to play and improve my game.”

    Does it bother you that you’re seen as Dzeko’s understudy?

    “I don’t see myself as his understudy or his reserve. We’re both strikers. I’ve come here with an incredible desire to do well and help Roma achieve their goals. Obviously I’m also here to learn from Dzeko because he’s a great player with loads of experience, but I’m sure there’ll be healthy competition between us.”