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eSports: Q&A with Roma’s new FIFA signing Aman

As Roma enter the world of eSports, meet the club’s first American signing, FIFA pro Aman Seddiqi...

As Roma enter the world of eSports, meet the club’s first American signing, FIFA star Aman Seddiqi

When did you first start playing FIFA?

“I couldn't afford FIFA 2004, so I had to go and pick up '02 for PC. My first console FIFA was FIFA '06 though.”

Describe your style of play…

“I play to win every time. I'm a very positive player. I do try and defend as tight as possible, frustrate them as much as possible, but I'm always looking to score as many goals as I can.”

What is your preferred formation to play with on FIFA?

“4-1-2-1-2 Narrow or 4-3-1-2. “

At what point did you realise that you could become a professional FIFA gamer?

“When I played my first tournament, when I was 18, and I won $4,000 on my 18th birthday. But even before then, I believed I could be at the top.”

When did you make your professional debut?

“World Cyber Games 2013 when I was representing VVV (Vision, Valor, Victory) would be my first true professional debut. I won the National tournament and went to China for the World Finals. I didn't lose a single game but got knocked out in the group stage. That's what getting five draws will get you though. I was just unlucky at the end of the day.”

How often do you train and what is your training regimen like?

“Forty games a weekend, minimum. In preparation for an event though, I can easily play up to 70 hours a week. I'll seek out the top players in any region to play. You can only get better by playing the best players in the world. In any given tournament you're going to play any number of playstyles, so you have to get used to playing against a lot of different ones.”

Do you have a pre-match ritual or any unique superstitions?

“I try and get as loose as possible, whether that be breathing or stretching and ultimately, envisioning the victory. Positive thinking is a big part of going into a match, especially at live events.”

What is your biggest professional achievement in your career thus far?

“Qualifying for FUT Champions Regionals in Miami and Vancouver was big, as the competition is never easy playing FUT Champions. But playing well in WCG, ESWC and the Virgin Gaming tournaments in my early career is always something I can look back on and be proud of.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

“Watch other FIFA streams, scout out other pro players, watch other eSports, especially Call of Duty, Halo and CSGO, and watching vlogs.”

Who are your role models in the FIFA community?

“Definitely early role models were KSI, Nepenthez, Bruce Grannec 100%. And the 2010 FIWC Champion Nenad Stojkovic, who proved that the USA could compete on the world stage. He's a big reason why I started playing and made me believe that I could follow in his footsteps. Even AirJapes was a big guy for me - one of the main reasons I got into Twitch and YouTube. “

If you could give one piece of advice to FIFA players seeking to improve their games, what would it be?

“Play as much as possible. Invest time if you want to be great. Don't let anyone tell you what you are doing is wrong or a waste of time. If you have a vision, don't let friends, family or any doubters get in your way. FIFA as an eSport has been talked down for years, but now that EA is behind the game competitively, now is the time to put in the hours if you want to get on the scene.”

eSports: Q&A with Roma’s new FIFA signing Aman

Favourite Roma player (past or present)?

“Francesco Totti. He's a legend. But Nainggolan is a beast on FIFA and on the pitch too.”.

Favourite Roma player to use on FIFA and why?

“Manolas, because he is an absolute beast. No one gets past him on defence.”

How did you react when you first heard of Roma’s interest?

“I was excited for the opportunity! And being able to represent a club like this one makes me immensely proud. It really shows that if you put in work, people will recognise that effort.”

Why did you sign for Roma?

“Roma is a huge team to represent! As I said before, it makes me proud to wear the shirt. I mean, they are a club that regularly plays in the Champions League, a well-respected club. Not many opportunities like this come around, especially with FNATIC powering the team. They also have a huge social reach that I can learn from and increase the stature of my own brand. I can't wait to have a great, long-term relationship with both Roma and FNATIC. Also, it's an honour to be the first American to be signed by a European club. It's incredibly humbling. I can't wait to bring more trophies to Roma though. I'm here to win.”

How does it feel to be one of Roma’s first official eSports signings?

“It's humbling. It feels amazing as a person who has been an advocate of FIFA eSports for years to see professional football clubs signing FIFA pros. The investment into FIFA by the clubs and EA really proves how far we have come.”

What are some professional goals you hope to achieve this year with Roma?

“Winning the America's Regional. Doing well enough in FUT Champions to qualify for FIWC and proving myself on the world stage at the Ultimate Team Championships in Berlin and the FIWC final in London. Ultimately though, I wish to make the fans and staff at Roma proud. Also, to be loved by the Roma and Fnatic faithful.”

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