Capello on Roma's 2001 Scudetto-winning team, Strootman and Totti

Fabio Capello, the man who guided the Giallorossi to the Serie A title in 2001, has shared his views on a whole host of Roma-related topics in a recent radio interview.

The former AC Milan, Real Madrid, Juventus, England and Russia coach commented on Francesco Totti's contract renewal, compared Kevin Strootman with his former charge Emerson, and recalled some of the details of the title run-in with the Giallorossi...

Here's a selection of Capello's comments.

Let's go back to the weeks leading up to our title triumph in 2001. How did you manage the group in the days between that draw with Napoli in our second-last game and the decisive match against Parma?

“We were all a bit tense in that last week but we didn't let ourselves get carried away. The main thing was we all knew that 17 June would be a massive day for us. We tried to focus our attention on what we'd been able to do throughout the season so that we could go into the Parma game in the right frame of mind. I tried to put across the idea – in the best way possible – that we had the chance to make history that day.”

How did you isolate the team from all the external pressure?

“People exaggerate things all the time in Rome so it was nothing new. Emotions are always more intensely charged in the capital – both for the positive and the negative things.”

Do you see any similarities between Strootman and Emerson?

“Strootman has an extra level to his game because he gets up into the danger zone more easily, which is something Emerson found harder to do. But yes, I do think there are parallels to be drawn there.”

What do you think about Totti's new contract?

“If you work out how many minutes Francesco played versus the number of assists and goals he got towards the end of the season I think he probably set an all-time record. If they offered him a new contract then I'm sure the club and the coach will have weighed everything up. Clearly they agreed on the renewal and on him moving upstairs in future.”