To request press accreditation for any Serie A, UEFA Champions League and/or Coppa Italia matches, as well as for any press conference or club event, you will now need to register at the following link:

There are two ways to complete your registration: by creating a company profile, or by creating a freelance profile.

In the case of the former, the administrative office of the publication should register itself as a media source and create an account – managed by one or more administrators – where, throughout the season, it may submit the names of journalists it wants to receive accreditation for particular games.

In the latter instance, any freelance journalist may register themselves as such and manage their own requests for press credentials individually.

The system will notify users, via email, of the opening for applications for credentials to each event - and afterwards the positive or negative outcome of the user’s application.

Please note:

•  Requests for press credentials sent to the email address will now be automatically rejected. That email address is now only to be used for information, clarifications and technical support.

•  Press credentials will only be given to professional journalists and publicists in possession of a proper Association of Journalists Membership Card.

•  During the registration phase, journalists in possession of the CONI Press Membership Card must attach photos of the front and back of that card.

•  Accreditation requests will only be granted to photographers in possession of LNP authorization.

•  It will only be possible to give accreditation to one technician for local TV stations, which will need to be properly registered with Lega Calcio for commentary rights (in accordance with AGICOM regulations);

•  Press credential requests will be taken into consideration according to the availability of places in thePress Box and at the discretion of the AS Roma Press Office.

•  Entry to the Mixed Zone will be in limited numbers, and only one journalist per media source will be allowed.

•  The system will not accept any requests for accreditation outside of the expiry date specified.

•  Press credentials, CONI Press Membership Cards, Radio and TV can be collected at from Viale delle Olimpiadi 61 (the large building at the top of the road), starting three hours before the start of the match.

• Credentials for photographers can be collected at BOX 4 in Via Nigra, starting three hours before the start of the match.