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    Roma and Rome: A special history lesson for Trigoria students

    A history lesson to delight any Roma fan or footballer was held at the AS Roma scientific high school on Tuesday 14 May.

    The event, run in conjunction with the Giovanni Paolo II Institute from Ostia, involved around 70 young male and female footballers from the club's academy who attend the school, which is based at the club's training ground – the Centro Sportivo Fulvio Bernardini – in Trigoria.

    They were joined for the occasion by Edoardo Bove, a former pupil of the AS Roma scientific high school and now a university student, who epitomises the pathway the club hopes all youth players attending the school can follow.

    The first lesson – entitled 'From Romulus and Remus to today. Rome's grandeur and heritage' – was given by Prof. Stefano Perletta. It took the youngsters on a journey through time, from ancient Rome to the Middle Ages, from the Rome of the Popes to modern day.

    The second lecture was by Prof. Daria Proietti: 'AS Roma, an ambassador for the Roman Capitol'. It looked at the legacy of Roman law in the Rome administration, focusing on the symbols, colours and synergy between Roma Capitale and the club as a promoter of modern Roman culture.

    The last lesson, 'We are Roma! The history of a great club', by Prof. Alessandro Boetani, focused on AS Roma history and the strong link between Roma and the people of Rome, detailing key moments in Giallorossi history and club legends.

    For the students, it was an invaluable training session on Roman and Roma history emphasising the unbreakable bond between the club and the Eternal City.

    “I felt quite emotional seeing my teachers from a few years ago here again,” Edoardo Bove commented. “Watching with you the images of our triumphs and celebrations with the fans made me think back to when I joined the senior squad – it was only then that I realised the effect we footballers have on other people.

    “We don't play for a normal club because we represent a city and everyone who works for Roma. So I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that when you're wearing the club crest, everything you do and everything you say influences other people. You have a big responsibility and that's something you must always remember.”

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