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    Roma Women: Alessandro Spugna’s comments ahead of Juventus

    Monday 13 May will see Roma take on Juventus at 18:00 CEST in Biella.

    Head coach Alessandro Spugna commented on how his team are feeling on the eve of the match...

    The team are coming in off the back of two big emotional moments: their return to the Tre Fontane and the celebration at the Olimpico. Which of those emotions will you be bringing onto the pitch?

    "The celebration at the Stadio Olimpico was really emotional, as was the game at the Tre Fontane. The result didn’t matter, but the fans kept singing and pushed us to get the win.

    "Those are unforgettable emotions. Each time we get on the pitch, we’ll bring that love with us, the love that the fans give us every single game."

    Juventus v Roma is always a fierce game. Are you expecting a tough match?

    "It’s always a good game to play and experience. They’re a great team and it’s an extremely difficult match.

    "Beyond the result, which won’t mean anything for the table, it’ll be important for us to play well so we can prepare for the final of the Coppa Italia. They’ll put their best players on the pitch because they’ll want to play the best game possible. I hope it’s an entertaining match, as our other two games have been."

    How important is it to play these high-level games when getting in shape for the final sprint?

    "It allows you to stay switched on and to keep focused. Aside from the match, I think all of the work we’ve been doing during the week is important too. These games will help us get to the 24 May in the best condition possible."