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    Dybala: "I've wanted to bring the ball home for so long"

    Paulo Dybala spoke to the media after scoring a hat-trick against Torino on Monday night.

    Here's what the Argentinian forward had to say...

     A night to remember. How much did you want to bring the ball home in this shirt?

    “A lot. I have wanted it for a long time, especially against Cagliari, when the coach took me off before the end. I didn't look for it today, but it came, and I'm happy."

    Why the embrace with De Rossi after the second goal?

    "It was a tough moment in the game. Torino can make things hard. They make you play differently. They had equalised straight away, and the game could have gone in any direction. I felt like shooting, and when the goal came, I ran to the bench, and the first person there was him."

    Then the run towards the Curva Sud. How do these fans make you feel?

    "It's the same. I shot, fell, and then ran towards the fans. I'd like to thank them. Even today, on a Monday at 6 pm, the stadium was full again."

    In addition to competing for fourth place, is it possible to repeat the Europa League journey?

    "We always want to win. I want to win trophies no matter where I am. The season is still long. There will be a lot of difficult teams in the league. We have a difficult tie in the Europa League, but we know our objectives. We can not hide from it, so we'll work to get them."

    It's difficult to imagine Roma without Paulo Dybala. Will you stay for long?

    "When I arrived, I mentioned that I felt like I'd already lived another life in this city. But not when I moved here, but from the day I arrived in Italy. I don't know what will happen in the future. I am enjoying every moment with this team and these teammates because they are wonderful."

    Azmoun at the end of the game wanted to take your ball....

    "It’s difficult. The balls all go to my mother's house. If I don't take it to her, she'll be angry at me."