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    Svilar: “I have worked all my life for this moment"

    Mile Svilar spoke to the media following his two penalty saves in the shootout that helped Roma defeat Feyenoord in the Europa League play-off second leg.

    Here's what the goalkeeper had to say...

    How do you feel right now?

    "Unbelievable, I have no words. I have worked all my life for these moments, in this stadium. Mamma mia. Every time I come here, it seems more and more special. It's crazy."

    You seem very relaxed. It's a historic moment in your career. Is your calmness your strength?

    Yes. In these moments, I don't feel the pressure. That's on the players. I saved two, I could have saved three. But we won, and that's what matters.

    How does a modern day goalkeeper research their opponent's penalty takers?  

    "We watched them with the goalkeeping coach. Then on the pitch at the moment of the penalty, I decided where to go. I went three times to the right. Two saves for today are good."

    What did De Rossi tell you before the penalties, and how important is it to your career?

    "It is important that this confidence carries over into the performances on the pitch. I am much calmer now, and I thank the coach for his trust. It's an experience my family and I never forget. Nobody is taking our smiles away tonight. Tomorrow we will focus on the game against Torino, which we hope to win.