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    Mourinho: “We were a team. Thanks to the fans for their support”

    Jose Mourinho had the following to say after Roma's 2-0 win over Frosinone.

    Today's game was somewhat reminiscent of the Roma of last season: go 1-0 up, take control of the game and don't concede. Did you think the same?

    “In the first half we let them have a couple of good chances, playing with a backline that included a midfielder and a guy who only joined us a few months ago. But we stayed tight as a team, the wing-backs did a great job defensively, and [Edoardo] Bove and [Leo] Paredes put in big shifts too – they're attacking players but they helped when we didn't have the ball.

    “We held a good shape. We played as a team and that's something I always like to see, against an opponent that's nothing like a Serie B side. They're an excellent team, really well organised, with quality players. I was impressed when I analysed them and I was impressed today.”

    Romelu Lukaku has four goals in five games now and Lorenzo Pellegrini was back among the goals too, though he left the field exhausted. How important is it to have the captain scoring again?

    “I thought I was going to be responsible for the goals Lukaku is not scoring as well. That's one thing at least I can't be accused of because Romelu keeps on scoring. He's scoring here, he scored at Manchester United, he scored at Inter – he scores wherever he goes. Romelu is Romelu and fortunately I'm not a coach who's capable of destroying what he's good at.”

    What's annoyed you most in the last few days? What were you told that makes you say “I'm not the problem”?

    “I explained that yesterday [during the press conference]. I don't think I need to explain it again today. Three months ago I was the crazy one. Three months ago everyone wanted me. Three months ago people were panicking at the thought I might leave. Then three months later, because of a start to the season that, I must say, has been awful results-wise but due to multiple factors, everything has changed.

    “Being annoyed is not a problem. Today I knew that – win or lose – the lads would show people what we are. We're friends. We're a team. We're united. I'm very, very happy that they won the game. I'm very happy for them. Because when you lose a match they way we did in Genoa, it's not easy. You need to be level-headed and you need to be strong mentally to step out onto the pitch.

    “However, I must say that we never felt the fans were against us. On the bus, we felt incredible support. I want to thank them because some of the lads might have been affected by a different atmosphere but you'd have thought we won in Genoa judging by the atmosphere today. I thank them for that.”

    You were on the pitch in Genoa with your players after the game and you were on the pitch today during the warm-up...

    “But not after the game.”

    Because you wanted them to enjoy the win?

    “Of course. That's the way I am. I've always been their safe harbour in choppy waters, and when things are going well I step aside and let them take the photos.”

    Dan and Ryan Friedkin were in the stands today. Do you like having their support, having the owners present? I won't ask you if you've spoken about the future because I think this match was more important.

    “You keep talking about the future. I don't need to talk about the future. I have an agreement with Roma until 30 June and I take my contract seriously, as I've explained.”

    You feel the owners' support anyway.

    “I don't 'feel'. I don't need to 'feel'. I don't even need to talk. What can I say? The owners are the owners. And a coach has to respect the owners and not make comments of any sort. I'm happy for them too because of course they want to win, and of course they're sorry about the terrible result in Genoa on Thursday. Today they'll be happy again for the team's result.

    “I work for them, I work for Roma fans and I work for the players. When we do well, I'm happy.”

    When do you expect to get some of your defenders back?

    “I was looking at the defence today and when Bremer got injured and Max [Allegri] brought on [Daniele] Rugani, I thought, 'You're lucky, Max.' Unfortunately we're without [Chris] Smalling and [Diego] Llorente. We have to wait. They definitely won't be involved on Thursday.

    “If there's a minor miracle, we might have someone back for Cagliari. Let's see. I don't want to be overly optimistic. Getting Renato [Sanches] back would be good too, because when we have Bryan [Cristante] at the back, Renato is a powerful, energetic player, and we need that. We have to wait. We have to keep battling with the guys we have, as we did today.”