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    Karsdorp: "I want to fight for this shirt"

    Here's what Rick Karsdorp had to say in his press conference on the eve of Roma's Europa League opener against Sheriff.

    We've seen you've been really motivated since the start of the season. How important is it to you to feel that way?

    “I love to play for this club. I’ve played here for six or seven years. Some things have happened in the past, but you try to move on. I will always be motivated, and fight for this shirt. That’s what I did when I arrived, and although I’ve had a lot of injuries, that’s what I am still trying to do. Like I said, I want to fight for this shirt.”

    What happened with the coach in November, and how did you solve the problem? And then I'd like to know if it's true that you wanted to stay at Roma in the summer.

    “Things always happen in football, that’s life. Sometimes you’re on the good side, sometimes you’re on the bad side. It’s the past, we are talking about November last year. The coach and I have talked about it, and everything is okay now. I just want to play and move on. I don’t want to say too much about it. Like I said, it’s the past and move on. I am ready to play again.

    “I have a contract until 2025. That’s what matters. Like I said before, I will fight for this shirt and club. That’s why I didn’t move. I still have two years left, so I am here."

    Are you aiming to win the Europa League final this year, or to advance to the Champions League and then play in the final?

    "Unfortunately, we lost the final of the Europa League last year. But you always start a tournament wanting to win it, otherwise you can stay at home. So of course, we want to win. That is our objective. I am looking forward to playing and feeling like a football player again, so the Europa League is a good opportunity for me."

    Have you overcome your knee problems? And, with three right-backs, have you ever faced so much competition in your career?

    “Last season I suffered a lot with my knee, I had two surgeries. Now I am okay and training every day. I want to play and feel like a footballer again. First of all, my knee is okay now. Secondly, it’s always good to have another player in your position, it makes you stronger. We have a lot of games ahead, so it’s always good to have other players in your position. For example, at right-back, we are three different type of players. It’s the coach who makes the decision on who will play. But I like it, it brings you to another level."