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    Belotti: 'I really missed being myself'

    The post-match thoughts of Andrea Belotti after Sunday's 2-2 draw with Salernitana at the Stadio Olimpico.

    Here's what the Italian striker had to say...

    How much did you miss scoring? You scored a brace today.

    "I really missed being myself. Last year, I unfortunately had a very difficult season. I didn’t have pre-season, I had some injuries. For sure, I was never at one hundred percent. This year I started from the beginning and did all of pre-season without any problems. When I feel one hundred percent, I know I can be of great help. Today, I tried to contribute, but the squad was unable to win. We are deeply disappointed, because we have to win.”

    Today you also felt an extra sense of responsibility, because you need someone up front to give you a hand.

    "This is something that the club and the coach are certainly evaluating. All I know is that when I'm sent out onto the pitch, I have to give my all and do everything to help my team win. Whoever arrives will be ready and available to help the team.”

    What does Roma takeaway from this draw? Perhaps from the final reaction, the desire to bring home three points?

    "Yes, but when you draw at home in front of our fans, it's never a good result. There is a lot to improve and work on, because we conceded two goals and maybe could have scored a few more too. As I said before, you have to win all the games. Especially the ones at home.”

    Have you set yourself a goal goal for this season?

    "My goal is to score as many goals as possible for Roma. So, every time I must try to score more, because I know goals are needed to bring home the three points."