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    Mourinho: "Not the result we wanted"

    Read what Jose Mourinho had to say after Roma were held at home by Salernitana...

    Roma looked lacklustre in the first half and didn't play with their usual intensity. The second half was much better and you ended up drawing 2-2. What do you take away from this draw?

    “You're right. We did lack intensity and desire in the first half. We weren't very focused. Maybe it was because of all the changes. Maybe it was my fault. But it's not an easy situation. I have a final to play and lots of very tired players. Some of the changes were basically enforced, already agreed before the match. It's not an easy season at all.

    “It was a difficult game today. Salernitana played like it was a Champions League final – and that's how it should be in football. It's not a criticism. They played a Champions League final and they did it well.

     “[Luca] Pairetto officiated well as always. He always does his job well.

    "It's not the result we wanted but it's what it is. Now we have two league games left and a final. Obviously the final is more important, but we have two other games to play.”

    Does it not feel like a missed opportunity given Juventus' ten-point penalty?

    “Knowing about it with just two matches left to play is a joke. It's a joke for us and for everyone, including Juventus. First out of the Champions League spots, then in, now out again. If I'd known that before Monza, before Bologna, our approach to league matches would have been different. But knowing that Juve had been given their points back and that our best chance was winning the Europa League, we went down that route.

    “I'm sorry for Max Allegri and for his players. They're professionals like me and they won those points on the pitch and now they've lost them, but it does alter the league.”

    Do you think the ten-point penalty has compromised the league?

    “I think it has, yes. But I don't want to talk about it anymore. I prefer to say that I'm sorry for the professionals who work like me and who earned the points on the pitch and who are paying for others – I don't know who, management, the club, whoever – who made mistakes. I'm sorry for my fellow professionals.”

    How is Paulo Dybala?

    “Not good.”

    What about in ten days' time?

    “I don't know.”

    Are you optimistic?


    How are the other players who played today?

    “[Chris] Smalling played 90 minutes. [Stephan] El Shaarawy played 90 minutes. Gini [Wijnaldum] didn't but he played a lot. I don't know if Mady [Camara] is injured or just tired. [Zeki] Celik is ok and has recovered. We'll see about [Leo] Spinazzola.”

    Will the Fiorentina match be like a training session before the final?

    “A serious training session. We'll go to Florence with serious intentions. We'll make changes of course. But we'll do things seriously. And we'll do the best we can.”

    Has anyone reminded you that exactly 13 years ago you won the Champions League with Inter? Do you think they can beat City?

     “Thirteen years ago is history. Now it's their turn to make history.”