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Gallery: Victorious women's teams welcomed at Campidoglio

Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi welcomed members of the club's triumphant Women's senior and Primavera teams to a special event at Campidoglio on Thursday afternoon.

The event was arranged to celebrate the success of the Giallorosse - after the senior side won the Coppa Italia on Sunday, while 24 hours earlier the Primavera clinched the national title for the second season in succession.

Raggi was joined by various representatives of the club - including Head of Women's Football Betty Bavagnoli and CEO Guido Fienga.

"Today I have had the pleasure of meeting the young footballing champions who last weekend delivered some incredible achievements," Raggi said.

"We wanted to invite all of them here to Campidoglio to tell them just how proud Rome is of all of them. Our girls have shown determination to spare and so much heart."

Fienga added: "We are really proud of the results that our girls have achieved, because they have reminded us all just how amazing it is to win in this city.

"We are delighted with how the team is progressing and for this we have to thank Betty Bavagnoli who, despite not being from Rome, immediately understood and embraced the spirit of this project."

Members of both teams received special commendations from Raggi, before posing for photos at the town hall.

"We would like to thank the Mayor for this invite," Bavagnoli said.

"Three years ago Roma gave me the chance to begin this adventure, helping develop our female footballers. It was no sure thing that we would achieve such amazing results in such a short period of time - with the Primavera winning the league last season as well.

"I would also like to thank [Primavera coach] Fabio Melillo and all the staff from both squads for the amazing work that has been done."

See more photos from Thursday's event in the gallery below!

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