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    Elena Linari shows her support for Malika Chalhy

    Roma Women player Elena Linari has expressed her support for young Malika Chalhy, a young girl kicked out from her home after coming out as gay recently.

    The story of Chalhy, 22, has been much discussed in Italy in recent days, with Linari eager to express her support for the girl.

    "Just over a year ago I did my 'coming out' so I think I understand how it feels very well," Linari said.

    "I think that she made the right decision for her."

    She added: "I think it's a real problem in the way her parents reacted and their treatment of her. I don't think there should be any issue in having a homosexual son or daughter. I think right now there are other, bigger problems to worry about - like having a loved one in intensive care or a son and daughter with serious health issues."

    Linari has been in touch with Chalhy, who had previously also experienced issues after expressing her desire to play football.

    "I tried to show her my support and my willingness to help in whatever way I can," Linari said.

    "I hope the situation gets resolved quickly and that she is able to get on with her life. Football, like every sport, has to show support for people - not distance itself from them."

    The Italy international added a final message: "Try not to give you, so many people are supporting you. It's not easy, but you have to try and push on. We are women, we are courageous - let's go."