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eSports: Q&A with Roma’s newest FIFA signing 'Zimme'

As Roma’s eSports roster continues to evolve, meet the club's newest signing, Simon Nystedt

1. When did you first start playing FIFA?

“I started playing FIFA with FIFA 2008, playing career mode on my PC. “

2. Describe your style of play.

“I'm a very attacking player. I'm always trying to play as fast as possible to get the ball up the pitch as fast as I can.”

3. What’s your preferred formation to play with on FIFA?

“This year my formation is quite different. I play with the 4-2-3-1 narrow, but last year I played with the 4-3-2-1.”

4. At what point did you realize that you could become a professional FIFA player?

“Probably on FIFA 14 at the beginning of the game. That’s when I started to sign up for tournaments online. It was then that I realised that I could win a lot of them. That led me to take it much more seriously.”

5. When did you make your professional debut?

“My first match with an organisation, ES Puma, was in 2015 during the Swedish Championships. I finished second in the country on my professional debut.”

6. How often do you train and what is your training regimen like?

“I play seasons and other pros on the weekdays. On the weekends, I always play Weekend League, but I also play Gfinity tournaments on Tuesday and Thursday. When I have to prepare for tournaments, I always ask other professionals to play against me.”

7. Do you have a pre-match ritual or any unique superstitions?

“Not really, no.”

8. What is your biggest professional achievement in your career thus far?

“It has to be when I finished second in the Swedish Championships. I was second in the entire country on FIFA 15 and I beat ‘Lukasinho’ and ‘Afro’ on the way to the final.”

9. What do you like to do in your spare time?

“I like to watch YouTube and hang out with my friends from school.”

10. Who are your role models in the FIFA community?

“I would say ‘BorasLegend’ and Bruce Grannec. I like Bruce just because he's so calm and always focusing on the game. And with Boras, he's a legend and a good friend of mine. Also, he's currently one of the best players in Sweden, and when I started, he was someone I looked up to.”

11. What is the biggest change from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18?

“The passing is a bit different – it's easier to keep the ball this year. It feels like all passes go to the right players. Also, long shots are easier than last year. Especially finesse long shots.”

12. If you could give one piece of advice to FIFA players seeking to improve their games, what would it be?

“When you're playing, focus – don't have your phone next to you or have any distractions around you. That will just draw your attention away from what you should be concentrating on.”


13. Favourite Roma player (past or present)?

“Francesco Totti, just because he played his whole career at Roma – I admire that about him.”

14. Favourite Roma player to use on FIFA and why?

“Radja Nainggolan, because of his all-around statistics. You can play him anywhere in the midfield – CDM, CM and even at CAM.”

15. How did you react when you first heard of Roma’s interest?

“First of all, I couldn't believe it. I have heard a lot about Fnatic, which is one of the biggest teams in the world and the biggest in Sweden. When I heard they were coming into FIFA with Roma, I was so excited and was just hoping I would get a call some day. And when I finally did, it was unreal.”

16. Why did you sign for Roma eSports?

“It's one of the biggest eSports organisations and one of the biggest football clubs in the world. It was an amazing opportunity and an incredible feeling when I finally signed.”

17. What are some professional goals you hope to achieve this year with Roma?

“I really want to qualify for the FIWC Grand Finals and I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal. “

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