De Rossi Art: 16 fantastic tributes to the Roma legend

We asked fans and graphic designers to pay tribute to Roma captain Daniele De Rossi’s amazing career and the response was incredible.

These are 16 of the best designs submitted…

1. Design by @Forza27_RS

2. Design by @Ben_c_18

3. Design by @joolie.exe

4. Design by @firminologic and @garda_chairul

5. Design by @vinnot86

6. Design by @BarryMasterson

7. Design by @fauzanbunz

8. Design by @anas_hidayat17

9. Design by @dauria_designs 

10. Design by @borelartwork 

11. Design by @fajarrusalem

12. Design by @iamvishnuraj

13. Design by @arsteste

14. Design by @roma_wolf_ir

15. Design by @forinasimone97

16. Design by @skybicycle