Baldissoni jokes about recent rumours as he wishes clubs well for Serie A start

On Friday morning, Roma managing director Mauro Baldissoni spoke to Roma Radio about the new Serie A season to come.

“We go into the season with a good feeling – even a great one – as I think we have done a good job this summer," Baldissoni said. "But you know that what matters is what happens on the pitch, and so we will see.

"We are very confident and, above all, hopeful that we can give the fans what they want. It’s an honour to have this responsibility, and to do what we do. Last year we had some great moments, and we will try to have some more again this year.”

Baldissoni was asked about some comments made by Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis on Friday - who made some outlandish claims about Roma and Liverpool sharing the same secret owner.

“I understand that you are referring to the comments from De Laurentiis – he said that this was all suggested to him by a little bird," the Italian joked. "I don’t know who: I can only think that perhaps Aurelio is listening to the wrong birds!

"Perhaps we could suggest to him that he should speak a bit with songbirds, who deliver nice melodies rather than speaking nonsense. For our part, we send our best wishes to president De Laurentiis and to Carlo Ancelotti, their coach who remains in the hearts of all Roma fans, along with everyone else at Napoli.

"We wish them good luck for the new campaign, as we do all the other clubs and players.”