Lobont announces retirement

Bogdan Lobont has announced the end of his playing career, as he embarks on a new adventure in football. Read the Romanian goalkeeper's heartfelt letter, announcing his decision...

To my dear friends,

To the fans that have always supported me, the coaches that have taught me everything I know, the teammates that – by my side – have been the stars of so many great performances: first of all I want to say thank you, for assisting me throughout the decades of my playing career and for giving me the confidence to overcome the tough moments.

But now has come the time to start a new phase in my career.

I have had the opportunity and privilege to be a part of seven different footballing families, where I worked with players, coaches and leaders of the highest level – characters that allowed me to learn new things every day.

I want to thank them all, and assure them that even in this new chapter I will try and continue in the same way I have always done: giving absolutely everything I have to football every single day, like I have done at every club I have played and like I did every day I spent with the Romanian national team.

I learned as a child that success is built day by and day and that only through hard work can you build everything you need to be in a position to try and win.

I know that together we have come a long way: from now I will do everything I can to pass on all that I have learned over the years to a new generation of players, regardless of what my new role in football might become.

It is a world I have always loved, and will continue to love.

This amazing adventure comes to an end at the club, Roma, that I have spent the last nine years – and where I have always felt at home.

I want to say thank you also to all the technical staff I have worked with, all the directors that have shown their faith in me, the medical staff, the kitmen, the team managers, the press officers and the media staff who have helped me produce the best possible performances and made it easier for me in all the tough moments.

In particular, the ‘invisible’ team behind the team: the chefs, backroom staff, drivers, groundskeepers, and all the hotel staff who assisted us during the many away trips.

Every one of them has made each moment of my career unforgettable.

I also want to say thank you to the journalists, who believed in my ability and, with their constructive criticism, helped contribute towards my professional growth.

With all of them alongside me I have improved as both a man and an athlete: and I hope to be able to contribute to football even more in the future.

At my side I have always had my family, who have understood better than anyone the commitment and passion that put into my work and, with love and understanding for my journey, have supported me in every moment.

Thanks to them, my life has been an even bigger gift.

Today I embark on a new phase of my life, both personally and professionally – full of strong emotions, energy and enthusiasm. So fasten your seatbelts, as we leave for a new adventure!

The best has yet to come, thank you!

With my hand on my heart, thank you!

With love and respect,

Bogdan Lobonţ