Unico Grande Amore: 10 fans describe how they first fell in love with Roma

Since it's Valentine's Day, we asked fans how they first fell in love with Roma on our Facebook page. Check out the 10 best responses below...

"Summer 2003 at the age of 13, the first time I visited Rome on a family summer holiday. My dad Steve Roberts got me a Roma shirt and I’ve never looked back since. When I got home I decided to research Roma a bit more and found them playing on TV away to Juventus at the start of the 03/04 season. It was a 2-2 draw, Roma equalised in the final minutes. From that moment on I’ve been hooked and my obsession with Roma and Rome grew more with every day. More than 13 years on I’ve been back to Rome nearly 30 times and watched 28 live games at the stadium, both here in the UK and there in Rome and other cities in Italy. I’ve also taught myself to speak Italian and made many great friends like Fabio, Emanuele, Ale and others! I will return to Rome for my 29th game against Genoa in April. Needless to say, Roma has become a huge part of my life! Unico Grande Amore."
Lee Roberts

"From 2011: I saw Bari-Roma at the stadium and I fell in love with the shirt and the colours, and from that day on I will never leave them."
Annamaria de Mola

"When I saw Totti play in the Euro 2000 final, been following Roma ever since. Back then we had limited options to see matches on TV in Estonia, only chance to see Roma play was in Champions League. I remember looking for pictures on the Internet, printing them out and hanging them on my wall. Got my first Roma jersey during World Cup 2002 and I still have it. As time went on, more options became available to see the matches and now in my early 30s I try to visit Rome as much as possible and see my favourite team play."
Mart Meier


"I remember the day I fell in love with Roma very well: it's the day I was born! FORZA ROMA!!!"
Massimo Ciaralli

"I remember it very well. I was about 5 years old. I asked my dad which team he rooted for and he responded 'I'm a Roma fan. And you?' 'Me too,' I responded!"
Luigi Tarquini

"16 years ago I was attending a language school in Florence and wanted to see a Serie A game. I travelled to Rome alone and saw Roma v Fiorentina. The atmosphere and passion was incredible especially when the fans sang their song. It brought goosebumps and tears it was so emotional and I was surrounded by Roma fans who made me so welcome. I return as often as possible."
Jen Coulson

"Born in Roma and always watched games with my father. Fell in love with Roma when I was four years old."
Francesco Marcelli


"Derby, November 1999. A love story for the rest of my life."
César Augusto D

"I was practically born in love with the Magica...my dad must have transmitted it to me in my blood and that's what I did with my children, and surely, this is how it will be with my nephews. FORZA ROMA ALWAYS."
Franco Ro

"17 June 2001. I was 6 years old when I saw the highlights of Roma-Parma. I saw Totti score and go to celebrate under the Sud."
Marco Nazari