Gallery: Seven famous Roma kits with the 'Lupetto' badge

On the day we reveal our new away shirt for the 2016-17 - which sees the return of the famous ‘Lupetto’ badge for the first time since 2012 - we look back at other famous Roma kits that have included this iconic emblem.


The first Roma kit to include the Lupetto ('little wolf') logo was used for the first part of the 1978-79 season - the badge was simply added to the previous year's design. 

Here it is being modelled by new Hall of Fame member Giancarlo De Sisti.


Probably the shirt furthest from tradition, one of the most disruptive – and certainly one of the most unforgettable. It was a leap into modernity, especially with the white sleeves.

Designed by graphic designer Piero Gratton, who also came up with the design of the Lupetto, it was nicknamed ghiacciolo ('ice lolly') or pappagallo (‘parrot’) because of the bright colours.

It replaced the previous shirt midway through the 1978-79 campaign.


The kit of the second title-winning Giallorossi team. The badge was applied on the right side of the chest, white on a red circular background, a format that was introduced for the 1980-81 season and would remain in place for a decade.


The kit of the 1984 Champions Cup final team, which faced Liverpool in the final. Due to the UEFA rules of the time, the Giallorossi had to choose only one crest on the uniform – the decision coming down to the Lupetto or the tricolor shield. President Dino Viola went for the Lupetto.


In 1995-96 the Lupetto, as well as appearing on the heart of the shirt, appeared in a larger, shadow format on the left-side.

In the version used in the UEFA Cup, the Lupetto profile appeared far more prominently, in white.


For the 1998-99 season the club had already returned to the official emblem, but the Lupetto was still used as decoration on the sleeves.


A season later, the design was used once again as a graphic element on the sleeves – this time in a larger format. It also appeared on the right of the shorts.

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