Roma Art: No Totti, No Party

In the second installment of our new Roma Art series, which turns the spotlight on the creativity of Giallorossi fans all over the world, we present three classic posters from three different designers featuring everyone’s favourite tagline: 'No Totti, No Party'.

First up is Marija Marković with her detailed, grunge-esque notepad poster which originally featured in her 'Gods of Football' poster series.

Marija Markovic is a designer from Belgrade, Serbia. You can see more of her work here.

Second is one of my own creations, featuring the wording 'No Totti, No Party' and a halftone effect on Totti with traditional Roma colours.

To see more of my own work visit or follow on twitter at @Forza27_RS

Finally, we have Luke Barclay with a slick, dark red poster with grey-scaled Totti, originally created for KICK TV.

Luke Barclay is a designer from Torquay, UK. You can see more of his work on his website or on twitter at @LukeBarclayRFC