Meet the Primavera: 22 questions for Eros De Santis

A new website series shines a light on the next generation of players coming through the AS Roma Academy…

Name: Eros De Santis
Date of Birth: 30-10-1997
Place of Birth: Tivoli (Rome)

1. First boyhood hero? 


2. First team supported? 


3. First team you played for? 


4. When did you join Roma? 

“In the 2007-08 season.”

5. First Roma player you met? 

“Simone Perrotta at the training ground in Trigoria.”

6. All-time favourite Roma player? 

“Francesco Totti.”

7. Favourite current Roma player? 

“Francesco Totti.”

8. Non-Roma Player you most admire in the world?

“Thiago Silva.”

9. Best match you've seen?

“Germany 0-2 Italy, 2006 World Cup semi-final.”

10. Favourite sport other than football?


11. Most used social media platform?


12. Favourite subject at school? 


13. Least favourite subject at school? 


14. Favourite country you’ve visited?

”USA. We visited Orlando with the Primavera team.”

15. Last song you listened to on your phone?

“Scream Aim Fire by Bullet for My Valentine.”

16. Favourite all-time movie?


17. Best book you have read?

“Zlatan Ibrahimovic's autobiography.”

18. Celebrity you’d most like to meet? 

“Cristiano Ronaldo.”

19. Favourite food?


20. Favourite team in Spain?

“Real Madrid.”

21. Favourite team in England?

“Manchester United.”

22. Biggest personal dream in football?

“To win the World Cup.”