Roma TV

In a place where no one ever tires of talking about the city’s most famous football team, Roma TV takes viewers right to the beating heart of the Giallorossi universe.

Broadcasting in stunning HD on Sky Channel 213 in Italy, Roma TV is available to anyone who has subscribed to the Calcio and Sport packages.

No matter what you’re looking for, if it concerns the club, Roma TV has it. Live updates on training sessions, exclusive interviews with players and management, press conferences with the head coach and much more besides, Roma TV - only official Giallorossi television channel - offers information, insight and entertainment around the clock.

With studios located inside the club’s training ground in Trigoria, Roma TV is on air every day of the week – with live news updates coming direct from the training pitches and changing rooms.

Ahead of every first-team game, there’s in-depth analysis on the opposition, insight on tactics and interviews with the club’s former players.

Then, on the day of the match, Roma TV’s reporters are at the stadium to guide you through what's happening on and off the pitch, conducting live interviews with players, coaches and fans and constantly interacting with the hosts back in the studio.

Roma TV isn’t just about the first team though.

The channel pays its respects to Roma's past with shows featuring in-depth interviews with former Giallorossi legends and documentary pieces on the characters who wrote themselves into the history books of the club.

At the same time, Roma TV always keeps one eye on the future – thanks to live match coverage of the Primavera side and updates on the U17s and U15s.

And just so you don’t miss any breaking news, a ticker runs across the bottom of the screen throughout the day keeping fans informed about everything going on concerning Roma, Italian football and the international game in general.

Twelve shows not to miss on Roma TV


We bring our cameras into the Roma Radio studios, kicking off with the newspaper review hosted by Camilla Spinelli and continuing through ‘Good Morning Roma’ with David Rossi, featuring live updates from the training ground. Tune in every morning, from Monday to Saturday, between 07:00 and 12:30.


Eight editions of the only television news programme entirely dedicated to Roma. Broadcast every hour between 13:00 and 20:00, you’ll get all the day's news, live link-ups with the training ground in Trigoria, exclusive interviews with players and the breakdown on upcoming opposition and tactical analysis of every match.


The best footage from the day's training sessions accompanied by real-time commentary and analysis. This is the best way to get up close and personal with Roma's superstars, thanks to the cameras that follow Luciano Spalletti's men at work. On air every day at 20:30.


The Italian league championship and Europe's premier club competition come under the spotlight before and after the games with live link-ups and interviews at the stadium, plus comment and analysis from journalists, show business personalities and former players from the studios in Trigoria. Viewers can also get in on the action by asking questions of our guests.


Every Monday at 19:30, ‘Extra Time’ serves up a tactical and statistical in-depth analysis of the week's match. Alessandro Spartà and Alessio Scarchilli break down the performance of the team with footage supported by video graphics.


Fans from all over the world can get involved in the going-ons at Roma via Skype and social media in the programme hosted by Matteo Vespasiani.


Footballers from Roma's past and present take a look through a gallery of images spanning the most important moments of their career, sharing emotions, smiles and unforgettable memories along the way. Expect a tear or two on occasion. Every Friday at 19:30.


This show, dedicated entirely to Roma's youth academy, is broadcast every Monday and presents the weekend's matches alongside key figures from the Primavera, U17s and U15s sides. Hosted by Francesco Vitocolonna and Marco Paonessa.


Alessandro Spartà and Marica Giannini invite four special guests to dinner, all of them Roma fans who have hit the heights in cinema, theatre or music. An informal occasion with personalities from show business, sport and politics who come together to chat about Roma and much more besides.


The first satirical news programme dedicated to AS Roma. Johnny Palomba and Simone Conte take a tongue-in-cheek look at the stereotypes and trivialities that surround the debate on our favourite team every day. There's only one rule – freedom of expression without any interferences from high up at the club. Or at least that's what the two hosts keep telling us… Broadcast every Friday at 21:00. 


Every Wednesday at 18:30, Francesca Brienza runs through the key talking points from the week at Roma, including facts and figures, the best goals and the most memorable moments.


It's often the younger generation who are most clued up on their beloved team. Matteo Vespasiani hosts this programme, where kids finally get the chance to show their passion and knowledge, testing themselves on how much they really know about Giallorossi players and traditions.