Interested to coming to Rome to watch an AS Roma home game, but not really sure where to start? Here are answers to a few common questions that might help you out...

There are few more iconic and exciting venues around the world to watch a game of football than at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico.

A stadium of significant history – having hosted both the 1990 World Cup final, four European finals (including the 2009 Champions League) and, of course, the 1960 Olympic Games – the 70,000-seater stadium is one of the most historic in Europe.

Thousands of fans every year make the trip to the Eternal Capital to watch the Giallorossi in action – here we answer a few common questions supporters have as they plan a trip.


Can overseas visitors buy match tickets?

Yes, fans from around the world are able to buy tickets for Roma matches – both in advance and, barring some rare exceptions, on the day of matches.

For European games and cup ties, there will occasionally be a pre-sale that is only open to fans who own a season ticket, but all games reach general sale in the week(s) prior to kick-off.

When do tickets for games go on sale?

Tickets generally go on sale for home matches between three and four weeks before the game, although this can vary depending on the significance of the fixture and the part of the season (ticket information for games at the very start and end of the campaign are often announced in a batch, while knockout cup ties can be finalised fewer than two weeks in advance).


How much do tickets generally cost?

Again, the price of tickets varies based on specific details about the match – including the competition it is in and the opponent being faced. Generally, however, tickets in the two ‘Curva’ (Sud and Nord, behind either goal) are priced from €25-€35 while the prices for tickets in either ‘Tribuna’ (sideline stands Monte Mario and Tevere) range from €45-€100.

Additionally, tickets that include hospitality options are available. 

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be bought online, over the phone and at the various sales points around the city. Look below for more specific information:

I’m buying from overseas…

The best option is through our own ticket portal, which is powered by Best Union. Fans can select tickets based on price and area of the ground, with tickets delivered as an 'e-ticket' for printing and presenting when you arrive at the ground.

Alternatively, you call or email the AS Roma box office (enquiries can be dealt with in English), where further information can be given and tickets can potentially be delivered to an address or saved for collection.

Phone: +39 (0)68 938 6000

I’m in Rome now and I want to get a ticket…

Along with the above options, match tickets can be bought at the many AS Roma Stores around the city.

AS Roma Store locations...

Via del Corso 25/27, Tel. +39 0654521066 – Opening hours: 10.00/20.30.
Piazza Colonna 360, Tel. +39 0669200642 –  10.00/19.00.
Centro Comm.le “ROMA EST”, Tel. +39 0622510448 - 10.00/21.00.
Viale della Primavera 23, Tel. +39 0625204327 - 10.00/13.00–15.30/18.00.
Via Arenula 82, Tel. +39 0668809775 –  10.00/19.30.
Viale Marconi 271, Tel. +39 0689534131 – 10.00/13.00-15.45/19.00.
Via Tuscolana 1424, Tel. +39 0671072033 –  10.00/13.00-15.45/19:30.
Via di Portonaccio 68, Tel. +39 0643252466 –  10.00/18.00.
Centro Comm.le “DIMA”, Tel. +39 0687133905 -  9.30/20.30.
Centro Comm.le “La Romanina”, Tel. +39 0672278815 – 10.00/20.30.
Valmontone Outlet, Tel. +39 069597275 – 10.00/20.00.
CC Euroma2, Tel. +39 065262161-  10.00/20.00.

Ticket point...

Via Appia Nuova 130, Tel. +39 0677590664 - 10.00/18.00.

Tickets are also usually still available on matchday from the Foro Italico ticket office near the ground. However it is best to check in advance, or arrive at the ground a few hours before kick-off to ensure you can purchase a ticket.

What documentation do I need to have?

To purchases tickets you will need to have some form of I.D. on you - either to enter you details when completing an online or telephone purchase, or to show when buying in person at one of the sales points around the city.

This is also the case if you are buying for friends or family at the same time - you will need to present their I.D. to complete the purchase.

You should also make sure to bring I.D. with you to the ground, as these are often checked against the information registered to each ticket before entrance is permitted.

Click here for further information on the stadium rules and regulations.

Which area of the ground is it best to watch from?

That depends purely on the experience you want to have. Traditionally the Curva Sud is the area where most season ticket holders and regular supporters opt to sit, which means both these tickets often offer the most passionate match-day experience and can sell out.

The Curva Nord, in contrast, often has significant matchday availability as the traditional Lazio end of the ground - while part of this stand is also reserved for travelling supporters.

Tribuna Tevere and Monte Mario both offer great sideline views of the match, with the Tevere containing dedicated areas for families and those with disabilities. Monte Mario, on the same side as the two dugouts, contains the various hospitality options available on matchday.

Options for families and disabled supporters are available in certain parts of the ground.

How do I get to the ground on matchday?

This largely depends on where you are coming from! The nearest metro stop to the Stadio Olimpico is Ottaviano (Line A - heading towards Battistini from Rome Termini). From here it is around a 30-minute walk to the ground, while the 32 bus from outside the station will take you most of the way.

Be warned, however, as the closer to kick-off it gets the busier the bus becomes.

Plenty of other buses serve the ground in all directions. Alternatively, the No. 2 tram from Flaminio tube station (near Piazza del Popolo) stops at Mancini, from where it is a short walk over the Tiber to get to the Olimpico.

Further information for arriving by car can be found here.