AS Roma USA Academy

AS Roma established a comprehensive year-round partnership program with select US-based youth clubs, all members of the U.S Soccer Development Academy, with a focus on identifying and developing top-tier players.

“Player development in the United States continues to be a top priority for us.  We are confident this initiative will be great for the country and club and produce many star players of tomorrow.” 

Jim Pallotta, AS Roma President

Building on its renowned youth academy at home in Italy, Roma brings a unique partnership approach to its partner club. Dedicated Roma staff provide ongoing coaching education as well as tailored physical and tactical performance programing. Partner clubs are invited to participate in training camps and showcase events in the US and Rome, and in competitions worldwide.

“As someone who spent their youth living in both the U.S. and Italy, there’s a personal satisfaction that comes with seeing Roma investing significant resources to player development in the States. There’s a lot of talent here – and it’s great that the club continues to recognize that.” 

Mia Hamm, AS Roma Board Member
Academy Partners
Chargers, Florida
Vardar, Michigan
St. Louis Scott Gallagher, Missouri
Real So Cal Soccer Club, California
Boston Bolts, Massachusetts
Crossfire, Washington
Real Colorado, Colorado
Pateadores, California
PDA Soccer Club, New Jersey
Lonestar Soccer Club, Texas
Concorde Fire, Georgia


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