Roma Network

AS Roma have an official channel on YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing platform.

The channel, which has already delivered over 18 million video views, provides the club’s supporters all over the world with the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Roma and see the players and the fans in a new way.

Every week, exclusive videos are created for the Roma channel, all showcasing the character and personality of the players and the club.

The club recently entered into an excisting partnership with Maker Studios, the global leader of online short-form content, to create original digital content and work with gaming and sports focused talent around the globe.

Roma are now looking to Identify and recruit new video creators to join an AS Roma YouTube community to further develop exciting and original content.

Since kicking off the season in August, Maker Studios and AS Roma have already collaborated on content for the brand’s YouTube channel featuring talent ilvostrocaroDexter and iNoobChannel from the Illuminati Crew. The videos have garnered over a million views to date. 

“Our relationship with Maker aligns perfectly with our vision to deliver great content to our fans wherever they choose to watch video across the world,” said Jim Pallotta, president of AS Roma. “We’re very excited to leverage both Maker’s scale and the creativity of talent in the network to expand our digital footprint.”

René Rechtman, head of international at Maker Studios added, “Jim and his team truly understand both the power of digital and the power of online talent and we look forward to creating great content together, identifying new stars, and working on innovative initiatives across the world of football.”

Click here to visit the AS Roma YouTube channel.